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Post by Dan @ 01:46pm 11/07/11 | 13 Comments
Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 extended gameplay trailer left a good impression on many when they released it during the E3 expo, but it only showed a single method for completing that section of the game. For Far Cry 3, Ubi are really pushing freedom of choice for your preferred playstyle as a selling point and to help illustrate that, they've released another new trailer showing off an alternate strategy for the same demo level.

It's nothing particularly groundbreaking as the beginning and end points are obviously the same regardless of the choices you make, but it does offer a nice look at the open environment and dynamic AI behavior. Watch it embedded below or click here for HD.

Far Cry 3 is currently slated for a March 2012 launch on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:48pm 11/7/11
no that much of a difference. i was expecting him to stealth the whole thing.
Posted 02:53pm 11/7/11
^ agreed, I expected stealth the whole way, not allowing ANY enemies to detect him, but I guess if you see what happens with the helicopter it's not really an option(?)
Posted 03:08pm 11/7/11
It looks to be an option. He could of went around those enemies near the chopper and just jumped in. Looking wicked though, shame it's next year :(
Posted 03:44pm 11/7/11
What's up with getting points for killing people?
Posted 03:45pm 11/7/11
i would of tore that place apart! i mean all the bodies in teh water and those men with ak 47s need to die ?
Posted 04:15pm 11/7/11
What's up with getting points for killing people?

Skill points, at the end of the video before he jumps in the chopper a screen comes up saying to press start to assign skill points.
Posted 04:43pm 11/7/11
Eh.... I hope you can turn it off or something so it doesn't keep popping up, I don't like it.
Posted 06:39pm 11/7/11
Looking forward to this, always liked the crytek games
Posted 07:07pm 11/7/11
Its not a crytek game, and neither was 2.

Also thirding the expected something different from this trailer, he just charged in from a different angle and shot at everyone.
Posted 07:13pm 11/7/11
The game definitely looks nice but this was a totally unnecessary video.

Going down a zip-line and then jumping into the water and then running is not ground-breaking gameplay diversity.

Seriously ...
Posted 09:16pm 11/7/11
Definitely could of been more different, either by jumping into the river and not being seen at all, or going completely around.
Posted 09:26pm 11/7/11
I expected stealth, this was not stealth.... he ren past 2 guys big deal?
Posted 08:55am 13/7/11
where is the call in airstrike option?
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