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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:10pm 13/05/11 | 7 Comments
The much anticipated update for the Nintendo 3DS will apparently arrive early in June and features access to the Nintendo eShop for classic title purchases as well as DS Ware and a host of NES and SNES originals that have been given a 3D make-over. Japanese gaming magazine recently outed Excitebike (which we knew about) and The Legend of Zelda among these, though it's not known which Legend of Zelda it'll be (fingers crossed for A Link to the Past).

On top of the above, the Internet Browser will finally be released as well as more in the way of system-specific software that hasn't been fully detailed yet, but at the very least Nintendo are finally beginning to move on the 3DS expansion. We'll give you more details when we have them.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:41pm 13/5/11
Yay about time, been hanging out for this update!
Pokemon Red in 3D will be epic.
Posted 03:44pm 13/5/11
Nintendo deliver, this is a fact.

They have never once said they were going to do something then did not deliver on it in a suitable time frame.

FUCK, i love nintendo.
Posted 03:58pm 13/5/11
Oh man, a 3D Link to the Past? Droool.

I started typing up the games I'd like to see remade in 3D, but the list was getting too long.

EDIT: I'm still kind of pissed off that this wasn't available at launch though. It's pretty retarded to have icons sitting on the home screen which just tell you "This will be available in a future update."

last edited by Midda at 15:58:28 13/May/11
Posted 08:29pm 13/5/11
Yeah Midda, I was going to say why the *%@^ they didn't just do this for launch, launch was very weak imo.
But as long as it's worth the wait I'll be happy, still hanging for Ocarina of time I can't bare to even look at the current 3DS line up.
I bought Rabbids but I still play Pokemon White lol
Posted 08:36pm 13/5/11
3D link to the past would make me lose bowel control out of sheer excitement. Very eager to see what games they release with this.
Posted 05:51pm 14/5/11
In-built online shopping. Bad news for EB.
Posted 10:32am 22/5/11
While I doubt it, if any people here live in sweeden are planning on buying Dead of Alive i'm sorry to inform you it's been cancelled for a release there as it falls under child porn laws.

Upcoming 3DS fighting game Dead or Alive: Dimensions features three sexy female characters under the age of 18, all of whom can be inspected from any angle in the game’s “figure mode.”

These also happen to quite scantily clad, in outfits featuring thongs and plenty of cleavage in a variety of interesting poses. However, Swedish “child” pornography laws prohibit any depiction, real or drawn, of an under-18 in a “pornographic situation,”

Sorry sweeden.
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