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Post by Dan @ 10:27am 05/05/11 | 7 Comments
Only a week left now until Brink launches in Australia and Bethesda's marketing machine have sent us yet another video in their "Get SMART" gameplay tutorial series.

Today's video deals with the real meat of the game, the player-classes and their roles and abilities. Check it out below or click here for HD. If you missed the previous four, you can find all of those and more on our Brink game page.

Brink is due in Australia on May 12th 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:40am 05/5/11
Does anybody happen to notice that the fire fights shown in these videos are lame??? I play a lot of battlefield and I will be dead in a second if I play like this. Everybody is standing a few feet away from each other and still couldn't lodge a successful hit.
Posted 10:50am 05/5/11
yes if you read about the game... you cant actually kill someone in one shot not even the snipers.... they specifically did this "to make the game enjoyable for everyone" not just the sniper.
Posted 10:51am 05/5/11
I also think it's lamed down for the video tutorial and game developers never play with the amount of skill people like us have
Posted 11:18am 05/5/11
Yeah, the videos were probably just set against noobie bots for the sake of demonstrating the features. That said, it would be nice if they had have released a gameplay video of a good tense clan match.

It's not a Call of Duty/Battlefield kind of game, it leans much further away from realism for a different kind of game play. Much more similar to quake 3/ wolf et / quake wars obv. There's definitely the potential for good firefights with skilled players.
Posted 11:27am 05/5/11
boba I'm going to own you just like I did at regen in the Q2 finals.

Unless you choose to fight with me that is.

Posted 07:52pm 05/5/11
I'm at sixes and sevens with this game but I did pre-order it, only from ozgameshop tho, not at 90 bux.
Posted 08:40pm 05/5/11
Yeah, I'm reserving judgement on this and I'm not going to pre-order. It just looks like they're trying to sell a confused and reskinned et clone that doesn't really look like it has anything worth playing over any other game out.

I say confused because all the media releases have shown pretty slow paced fights in narrow corridors but then the marketing kicks in and it's suddenly "intense, immersive, immense" and all I can say is "where".

It's also confusing that on one hand it's marketed as a shining beacon, a saviour, to pc gamers for including dedicated server support but the videos have the trademark oval interfaces for gamesticks and a one contextual button that does everything for you. Not that that sounds really bad, I'm just hoping this doesn't retract from any of the potential competitiveness aspect (for a pc game) as any other consolification has done.

And I'm not even going to touch on the customisation selling point (cuz that's all it is, a selling point and a point to sell micro-transactions). I own my own fair share of tf2 hats and items and I'm all for this in games too, but I'd rather be sold on the game first before getting excited of what seems like will just be a silly cashgrab if the game is horrible.


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