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Post by trog @ 11:06am 06/04/11 | 11 Comments
A new Brink trailer has appeared, showing off some more of the furious FPS action we can expect to see in Splash Damage's next team-based multiplayer-specific title. The video, titled "Ready and Able", showcases some general gameplay as well as a few specific character abilities, like hacking an enemy turret to make it fire on its own team.

You can watch the video now embedded below, or head over to the view page to watch or download the high def version!

As always our Brink game page has more information. Gamers looking for a pre-order bargain might also be interested in Eorl's thread on the forum!

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:17am 06/4/11
The more I see of this, the less excited I'm getting.
Posted 11:18am 06/4/11
The only question is my mind is how much of this will be a hardcore, PC, FPS, class-based, team-based, ass kicking game, and how much of it will be console cheese. Well, that and the usual questions about how they're handling server management - we still don't know, which is a little concerning this close to release.
Posted 11:22am 06/4/11
why are so many games failing in server management department? is it really that hard to get up some servers, have a list for people to chose the server they want to join, filters, favourites... like steam, gamespy....

All these quick join, auto join ones that just pick some random high ping server in Russia are so annoying when the actual game is awesome.
Posted 11:38am 06/4/11
Looks totally consoled up to me.... which is a real shame because i love a good squad based shooter and really enjoyed ETQW even tho it wasn't that popular...

As Midda says, the more i see the less impressed i am with it.... sigh
Posted 12:59pm 06/4/11
Still looks good to me! The only game i'm really hanging out for. Let's hope SD doesn't let us down in the server department though considering their history I have alot of faith.
Posted 01:04pm 06/4/11
Yeah I'm still liking it, I really hate consoles!
Posted 05:02pm 06/4/11
Ohhh thanks Trog for the mention xD
Posted 04:42am 07/4/11
After SD raped my beloved RtCW into ET I didn't have much hope for this, but then all that stuff about SMART movement and all that stuff had me kind of interested just because I was always someone who loved to ninja across a map, even moreso than shooting people, but this latest video makes the whole thing look like it's some very awkward gameplay in the FPS department. They better bring out a demo cause I'm not paying for something made by SD without knowing 100% that I'll enjoy playing it.
Posted 07:32am 07/4/11
I really like what they are trying to do with the sound in this game. That alone has me interested. Unfortunately if it ends up being a console port then I don't care about the sound anymore. Also if it doesn't have some form of dedicated server support then I again don't care about the sound aspect anymore.

Non-dedicated support and screaming console ports are deal-breakers for me.
Posted 07:35am 07/4/11
more proof of their console focus with this one since the dedi srv thing again hey trog?

at least that's the only indicator i can think of
Posted 10:39am 07/4/11
Kosmix, you loved ET. :P
I remember your mortar spawn, covert ops trickjumping, dynamite antics.
If brink plays anything like ET/rtcw, i'll see you in there!
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