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Post by Dan @ 11:23am 04/02/11 | 14 Comments
Eidos have released some new media for the very hotly anticipated Deus Ex Human Revolution with a new trailer and several screenshots focusing on the game's protagonist, Adam Jensen.

Today's trailer serves up more amber-washed in-engine action, offering some more snippets of the game's storyline and finishing with some brief combat action. Check it out below or click here for the HD option.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with the vague release window of "2011", pushed back from a previously speculated "April 2011" launch.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:29am 04/2/11
Bit of a try-hard character, no?
Posted 11:52am 04/2/11
looks swoit! :D
Posted 12:12pm 04/2/11
So this is a prequel?
Posted 04:42pm 04/2/11
Gave me a feeling of a Matrix style story. Certainly sounded like the main dude out of Matrix.
Posted 04:50pm 04/2/11
Yep it's a prequel.

The original was very cyberpunk covering one of the first agents in the field to have nanotechnology implants instead of bulky mechanical robotic augmentations. I rushed through it a few years ago and so didn't get to experience the story as deeply as I probably would have liked, but suffice to say that it was very good and I would love to see another more modern one.

The same studio is also covering Thief 4 (interestingly another studio took over Thief 3 and the previous Dues Ex at the same time, both of which turned out to be pretty disappointing).
Posted 04:51pm 04/2/11
Oooo, Thief 4 you say!?
Posted 04:53pm 04/2/11
actually its thi4f
Posted 06:11pm 04/2/11
I agree with this, something about the voice.. trying to pull off something akin to solid snake but failing..
Posted 06:23pm 04/2/11
Yep, first details on it should start appearing in a month.

I'm all kinds of blindly excited, regardless of what they do to the game.
Posted 07:04pm 04/2/11
Really excited for this. I know it isn't going to top Deus Ex 1 but when you stop comparing it to the first one it really does look like its gonna be fun. I do get the feeling though that they really wanted to make this game third person.
Posted 07:09pm 04/2/11
I agree with this, something about the voice.. trying to pull off something akin to solid snake but failing..

sounds a bit like christian bale doing his american accent.
Posted 07:18pm 04/2/11
As I said, sounded like matrix dude. Very nasally.
Posted 07:33pm 04/2/11
He did seem kind of odd next to less dramatic sounding people.

More of him speaking here.

After highlighting Dues Ex's cyberpunk, watching that second trailer, and being reminded of Neal Stephenson's general existence in today's xkcd, I have decided that I want a dramatic computer game plot written by Neal Stephenson.
Posted 09:59pm 04/2/11
Game just got less god-like, but it's nice to see a few more pieces of play that aren't cutscene/prerendered.
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