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Post by Dan @ 12:32pm 24/12/10 | 26 Comments
EA and DICE have dropped the first major expansion for Battlefield Bad Company 2, winding the clocks back to the Vietnam war again to revisit a setting last seen in the franchise in the much-loved Battlefield: Vietnam.

AusGamers resident PC shooter vet Nachos Justice cranks some classic 60s rock and puts the DLC through it's paces in today's in-depth review. Read on to find out his thoughts.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam is now available as a downloadable expansion for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Buy now from Green Man Gaming for only GBP£9.99 (USD$14.99 on Steam)!
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:47pm 24/12/10
lol 8.1
Posted 06:03pm 24/12/10
I guess it comes down to each person - I generally agree with the points that you make, but I wouldn't rate it nearly as highly as you have.

For me, it's BC2 with a jungle-camo coat of paint and tweaked gameplay. Unfortunately, the overall enjoyment I get from playing it is less than were I playing vanilla BC2.
Posted 06:28pm 24/12/10
ive enjoyed the expansion. My friend didnt like it because he was getting owned too much...

You defin die alot more but thats vietnam for ya :)
Posted 07:02pm 24/12/10
I would give this f*****g piece of absolute s*** 6/10 at the very possible best. They've released DLC for a game which appears to be an actual early beta of BFBC2...horrible stuff!
Posted 07:03pm 24/12/10
for the price and what you get its awesome and yes you die heaps, thats actually good as you need to work hard and as a team. i'd go as far to say that it stopped me playing black ops
Posted 07:42pm 24/12/10
I don't mind it, but its not as good as normal bc2.
Posted 01:04am 25/12/10
From what I've read so far, seems like it doesn't boast a game play improvement on the previous installment. Disappointing given the hype and meager price. Anyone have anything better to say aboot this expansion?
Posted 02:11am 25/12/10
I don't mind the weapons being more brutal - the M14 seems to be a 'lethal' piece of killing equipment. I'm finding that it only encourages a meat-grinder sort of approach. People pouring into the front lines and chewing and getting chewed until the round is over. Still, that happens in BC2... so...
Posted 11:10am 25/12/10
yeah it defin encourages team work.
Posted 11:13am 25/12/10
""Four fantastic maps"", are u f*****g nuts? They are the worst maps ive ever played. The base spawns are all bottlenecks and the game becomes impossible to win if you lose all your points. This is without doubt the biggest waste of money I have spent on an EA game. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!
Posted 12:54pm 25/12/10
welcome to vietnam :)
Posted 01:05pm 25/12/10
yeah - definately not for n00bs or the teamwork challenged.

Posted 02:16pm 25/12/10
This was a bit of a fun distraction from BC2, overall I was disappointed though.

I was really hoping for the old Battlefield: Vietnam just a new graphics/physics engine.
Posted 07:19pm 25/12/10
I was really hoping for the old Battlefield: Vietnam just a new graphics/physics engine.
Posted 09:39pm 25/12/10
where's my f*****g punji sticks that all I want to know :(
Posted 12:34am 26/12/10
really enjoying this - it feels abit quicker than bc2.. the guns are so much more accurate and deadly to...
Posted 10:01am 26/12/10
Im surprised with the comments considering the glowing review IGN gave it.

I do really, really enjoy bc2 but i lose connection to EA about once every 1-2 games which is a pain in the ass and the extra $5 cost on EA to buy vietnam ($20EA compared to $15 steam) and some comments ive hear from mates has me waiting for a patch even though i like the idea of close quarters combat and clear creedence river. Plus, i dont wanna buy the expansion if everybody keeps playing the original bc2 anyway.
Posted 08:24pm 26/12/10
really enjoying this - it feels abit quicker than bc2.. the guns are so much more accurate and deadly to...

standard mode is the same as HC on Vanilla BC2, except on tanks

I do really, really enjoy bc2 but i lose connection to EA about once every 1-2 games which is a pain in the ass

1. update your punkbuster

2. setup port forwarding if you have a s*** modem/router.

What ports should I open for multiplayer if I'm having connectivity trouble?
- Port: 80 TCP
- Port: 18121 TCP
- Port: 18126 TCP
- Port: 18126 UDP
- Port: 13505 TCP

What ports should I open for multiplayer if I'm having EA connection issues?
- 18390 TCP Outgoing
- 18395 TCP Outgoing
- 18395 UDP Outgoing
- 13505 TCP Outgoing
- 80 TCP Outgoing

this may update from time to time..
Posted 08:25pm 26/12/10
I'd give this game about an 8.1.................................................................................................................................................... out of 100.
Posted 09:57pm 26/12/10
Choppy? That isn't how you review PC games... If you've got a s*** system, that's your problem.
Posted 10:20pm 26/12/10
Thanks koopz, ill give those a try. Id tried other settings i found recommended online but those are new.
Posted 10:57pm 26/12/10
no probs... best watch the EA BC2 forums for info as it comes along...

other forums are pretty much just replicating that source as it's were the Dice guys post it

that pretty much the same for all game i guess.

I'd give this game about an 8.1.. etc etc

since when haven't you been cannon fodder :P

it's a team work game guys.. get mates on VOIP with you or get your asses handed to you by kids

there's always the GA servers.. n00bs aplenty in there ;)
Posted 02:16am 27/12/10
as i started on the Battlefield bandwagon with "Battlefield: Vietnam" witch led to the most hours spent on any game in BF2(top 50 in AUS) i would love to give this a go but i'm happily tied up with codbo.
Posted 02:25am 27/12/10
I'm actually quite enjoying it just quietly.

Really promotes a team game otherwise you just wont win, which I like as you don't have homo's sniping the whole time..

Actually need more then 2 people to infiltrate and hold enemy bases.
Posted 02:27am 27/12/10
Koops - didnt know the std vietnam = hc bc2 !

Agree with the voip comment - this game is so much more fun with a few mates on skype playing at the same time.
Posted 09:54am 30/12/10
5.6 Million to go before the new map

It should unlock sometime tonite! :D
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