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Post by Dan @ 12:32pm 20/12/10 | 14 Comments
One of the big features boasted by BioWare for Dragon Age 2 is a new combat mechanic which promises to add more strategy and "put you right in the heart of the battle" in their hotly anticipated fantasy RPG sequel. Today's trailer offers a developer narrated walkthrough of in-game combat, showing the difference between the real-time action RPG style fighting or the more measured strategic option you can employ with the pause functionality.

Hit the embedded video below or follow this link for the HD Streamable option.

Dragon Age 2 is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 10 2011.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 20/12/10
Isn't that exactly what you could do in the first one?
Posted 12:48pm 20/12/10
Hrm, on the topic of faceman's HD5850 + flash player blue screen of death thing, that video just sent me into VPU recovery. Heh, silly computer.
Posted 01:25pm 20/12/10
I mostly crashed and burned if i tried to participate in 'real time' combat while playing DA origins. There was usually too much stuff going on during a proper battle to play it like an action game. That's part of what i enjoyed though, so no complaints here. I just hope they aren't over-selling themselves.
Posted 01:49pm 20/12/10
the combat looks way more slicker and less 'stiff' than the first game.
Posted 02:14pm 20/12/10
Bah, as long as you can turn on FF. Sucks to throw fireballs into enemies with your character that is standing next to them not get hurt.
Posted 05:25pm 20/12/10
Original had FF so it would make sense that it will be in this one. I don't know about the UI and i hope that's just a work in progress, but the combat does look good and i had no problems playing "on the fly" in the original, even on nightmare difficulty.
Posted 05:53pm 20/12/10
Yeah as long as you set up your teams tactics on the fly was never an issue.
Posted 06:34pm 20/12/10
I'm going to have nightmares after seeing the fat, beardy nerd lit that way
Posted 10:03pm 20/12/10
hmm still prefer pause strategic way.
Posted 10:14pm 20/12/10
Going to go ahead and say I'm not liking the look of this. Just not the kind of gameplay that I'm interested in. Go-go-gadget ME3!
Posted 09:29pm 23/12/10
Does anyone else think this game looks very poor in the graphics department? Im not one to judge a game on graphics, far from it in fact, but it just looks very outdated, worse than DA 1 to be honest..
Posted 10:34pm 23/12/10
Yeah i think the u.i. has to be a placeholder, made it look pretty s*** really.

But the pause combat looked pretty similar to the first one, obviously had ff off though.
Posted 11:20pm 23/12/10
Bioware are never that great with graphics/UIs (though the second might be a consolisation issue). Just the story department that will make the game worthwhile.
Posted 11:39pm 23/12/10
Is the pause and play feature going to be available on the console versions too?
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