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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:17pm 01/11/10 | 12 Comments
The force, as it were, is not strong with this one. Kosta Andreadis, our resident Qui Gon Jinn, pricked the arm of LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 and found its midichlorian count to be much lower than most anticipated, meaning, it is most definitely not of natural conception nor a chosen one.

That isn't to say there's nothing here to enjoy, because there is, it's just that the game's Jedi training, like Luke Skywalker's, was seemingly cut short, leaving it half the jedi it could have been (Luke was the chosen one though, so he can leave his training early).

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:20pm 01/11/10
agree whole-heartedly - they spent too much time on the game's intro and then just faded out... such a shame, so much potential here
Posted 04:49pm 01/11/10
Has anyone played the Wii version? It has received so little coverage. I hear that it has a pretty good smash bros style multiplayer mode.
Posted 04:55pm 01/11/10
Pretty much spot on with the criticism. I still enjoyed it, just won't play it again in all likelyhood.
Posted 05:03pm 01/11/10
So i guess this isn't a proper 3d version after all.
Posted 05:40pm 01/11/10
Played it, beat it, replayed the last level to get the alt ending, played a few challenges, put it away. I agree with all the points, short and felt rushed. Would also like to add that the Cameo by Boba Fett is even worse then the one by Yoda.
which makes the inevitable third game in the Force Unleashed series an interesting prospect.

After they cancelled the third one that was already in production during the making of this, I doubt they are going to make a third.
Posted 08:23am 02/11/10
f*** this game is pathetic thank f*** I didn't bother with the special ed.
Posted 11:21am 02/11/10
Looks like I'll be waiting for this one to enter the $5 bin on steam!
Posted 11:27am 02/11/10
They can make all the bulls*** over the top cut scene trailers they want, but I don't think anythying will ever come close to the countless hours of fun in jedi knight II: don burke outcast, especially multiplayer
Posted 11:29am 02/11/10
can't believe people were hyped for this crap? I saw someone play it the other day and boy did it look s***
Posted 11:50am 02/11/10
Star Wars is so blah.

Bring on the Vanquish Review already!
Posted 04:41pm 02/11/10
jedi knight II: don burke outcast

haha I knew he reminded me of someone.

I must've had too much cod liver oil prior to playing this. The Force flowed straight through me.. burning up too much valuable Minecrack time along with my ring in the process.

Posted 10:56am 04/11/10
Review is spot on - Literally LucasArts lost the plot with this one - they need to "Stay On Target"
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