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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:34pm 14/09/10 | 12 Comments
One of the most successful elements Treyarch injected into Call of Duty: World at War was the game's four-player online campaign co-operative mode, which everyone hoped would make a triumphant return in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Unfortunately that's not the case, as Treyarch have confirmed there is no online campaign co-op for the game, but that there will be two-player online split-screen for multiplayer. That means instead of playing swap-the-controller if, say, you play the game in your lounge (this is how my housemates and I do it), you now only need two controllers - opening up the social aspect of multiplayer, just that little bit more. There's also an offline split-screen combat training mode.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:26pm 14/9/10
Wonder if we (PC) will get a split screen mode. Not per say we have 2 people sitting next to each other using same keyboard, but split projection of that persons view. Would be pretty cool.
Posted 07:18pm 14/9/10
screwing over pc gamers again? how original!
Posted 07:22pm 14/9/10
i dont understand?
Posted 07:56pm 14/9/10
I don't see how this screws over PC gamers? No one gets co-op. Conslols noobs get to share their screens in multi, like every game ever.
Posted 09:00pm 14/9/10
Sometimes i feel like Gaming media is being over sensationalized.

For example, to me this "News" is really just highlighting the lack of a feature that probably wouldn't of been missed by the majority.

I could argue that the news is also valid and serves up information for those who wants it... but i guess its the way the news is delivered.. the negative words used ect.

Oh well.
Posted 09:09pm 14/9/10
what does it all mean??? need 2 controllers? how is that different to cod:mw2?
Posted 10:43pm 14/9/10
It's not iTOM. It's just reporting of something that is a common novelty in WaW, but not going to be in Black Ops
Posted 04:48am 15/9/10
oh right, helps if i read the first para and not just skip ^_^
Posted 03:51pm 15/9/10
Haha, sometimes that can help :P I don't see why the forums on COD are going insane over it, it's like PC gamers have come down to "we want everything now or we won't buy it!". When did we become bratty little snobs? Sure, some things are to be expected, but when something like this is just stated as a "no, this is not going to happen", well, boohoo. Consoles aren't getting the 4 player co-op, so no one is getting special treatment.

Honestly, Black Ops is looking much better then MoH, and it is still essentially having dedi servers, and hopefully GS can open up a few more data centers. We all know if they don't, they will be in big s*** with Treyarch. And hopefully if that happens, Treyarch go, "Hey, single server provider was bad idea, have game files to host" or "have some more server providers".
Posted 06:22pm 11/10/10
Bit of a letdown, SP is usually entertaining enough to play in between downtimes.
Posted 06:46pm 11/10/10
Games need more campaign co-op imo, in almost every case its been an absolute winner.
Posted 10:03pm 12/10/10
Hogs right imo. Halo 3's online multi player is ok but the normal campaign on legendary with 3 friends is awesome. It's my favorite part of Halo 3 to be honest.

Most fps campaign's are only good for a couple of play through's. Then there's that extra play through on the hardest difficulty just to be able to say you've done it, or in my case, achievement points.

Halo 3 had the couple of fun play through's, then the legendary play through, AND THEN, the co-op play through with mates. Damn near every great title out there is moving away from making a great campaign/storyline and going towards the cash camel that is online play.
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