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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:40am 22/06/10 | 13 Comments
Ruffian Games' open-world superhero actioner, Crackdown 2, is available to try as a demo today, from the Xbox Live Marketplace and offers not only glimpses of forthcoming gameplay, but goes one step further by offering Achievements in the demo which will be counted in the retail release of the game, as well as a look at the four-player co-op.

You can also play "Chuck's Ducks 2", an interactive Facebook game linked to Xbox Live and Crackdown 2 with its own rewards.

Crackdown 2 is due to land in Australia, July 9.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:41am 22/6/10
woohoo never played the first one but my brother said it was great one of the only games he's ever finished without cheating, been waiting to give this one a crack myself lol
Posted 01:01pm 22/6/10
Awww yeah, the first one was hella fun, can't wait until it downloads
Posted 07:18pm 22/6/10
Downloaded it this morning. Played. had lots of fun. Too bad the demo only runs for 30 minutes. Could easily play for hours.

Off to preorder it now.
Posted 07:26pm 22/6/10
is it like the first one where you can play for 30 mins and then it kicks you out and you have to start again? or is it 30 mins and that's it...ever?
Posted 07:47pm 22/6/10
30 minute sessions. You can play for as many times as you like but you have to restart each time.

A couple of good things:

Some guns/cars/explosives unlock as you go up in level. You still get other stuff by storing it at bases though.

Renegade orbs are fun. They run away from you making you chase them. But generally go past other orbs you can collect.

You can get achievements for the demo that unlock when you play the full game.

EDIT: Preordered at paying a grand total of ... $59AU (approx)
Posted 08:33pm 22/6/10
Posted 08:50pm 22/6/10
Ok i just gave the demo a crack for 30 minutes not having an idea what to expect. Just kept shooting randoms in the f***, blowing s*** up and running over zombies in a cop car but i had no idea wtf i was mean't to be doing. Graphics were cell shaded and looked very average and the controls were awkward.

I guess it can be fun with coop but i don't see what the big deal is? maybe it gets better when you level up and earn more weapons? unless i'm missing something else here...
Posted 08:51pm 22/6/10
You can jump around buildings and s***.
Posted 11:28pm 22/6/10
Its essentially Gta on steroids. I loved the original although I think that it lacks replayability.
Posted 12:12am 23/6/10
The environments don't looks anywhere near as detailed or as interactive as GTA, which is a good couple of years old now.
Posted 07:58am 23/6/10
I also played it and thought, wtf is this? It was pretty average graphics and controls where meh, I seemed to get shot a lot and it didn't matter.

I thought it was a very average game at best, so I must be doing it wrong?
Posted 09:02am 23/6/10
I bought the original just for the halo 3 mp beta and it turned out to one of my favourite xbox games.

Sucks I have no quota to dl the demo but its a must buy for me anyway.
Posted 11:58am 23/6/10
I also played it and thought, wtf is this? It was pretty average graphics and controls where meh, I seemed to get shot a lot and it didn't matter.

I thought it was a very average game at best, so I must be doing it wrong?
That's exactly what i thought Toll. I'm waiting for someone to tell me i'm wrong but it's not happening.
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