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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:43am 24/05/10 | 7 Comments
While Fable II might have left its PC audience out in the proverbial cold, its sequel plans a much warmer welcome for the stalwart audience. Lionhead Studios have revealed the game will be landing on the desktop gaming platform as well as Xbox 360 this Holiday season, but will only be available on PC as a digital download and only through the Games For Windows platform (meaning no Steam).

According to reports, a limited edition version of the game will also be made available for both PC and Xbox 360 which will include a different dog breed, an additional quest to complete, a whole new area on the map, a new outfit, playing cards and a coin.

What's interesting about this announcement is the exclusion of any Natal elements - something Molyneux said he was keen to utilise for the series' next installment.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:14am 24/5/10
To be fair, if it works just the same using an xbox controller through the PC, i'd get the pc version until i read that its only coming through the games for windows.. then i decided i'll stick with the xbox. I just don't like that platform on principal.. Not when steam already exists
Posted 09:29am 24/5/10
Are there games out there that force you to use steam? I know of a few indie type games that do, but not huge retail games.
Posted 12:07pm 24/5/10
Greazy, Dawn of war 2 does and of course any valve games like half life, counter strike ect do.

I know there's more that force you to use steam but I cant remember.

I hope fable 3 is better than 2, I loved the original... I preordered 2 thinking it was going to be awesome, but it turned out to be boring and repetitive, the co-op was highly broken too ):

Also glad to hear no mention of Natal being used for the game.
Posted 12:27pm 24/5/10
While you need Steam to run those games you don't have to purchase them through Steam. I'm not sure why Games for Windows means no Steam though, a lot of games I've purchased off Steam require a windows live account sign in to play like Fallout 3 and I think Bioshock. Steam is just a digital store front, they'd be mad to not sell it on the most popular gaming store on the net.
Posted 12:35pm 24/5/10
Batman needed Games for Windows for achievements (couldn't log in with my hotmail account, since it had no region set when it was created a jillion years ago and they don't let you change regions due to then being able to avoid censorship implementations in countries such as Australia which could land them in hot water) and I can't save Dirt2 because the Microsoft Live Games thingy isn't compatible with xp64 on the version the game is built for...

Fable 1 was ok but severely lacking in a decent story or sensible world, but the combat and leveling was fun. Anybody have any idea if going from 1 to 3 misses any necessary story stuff? Or are they all disjointed?
Posted 07:38pm 24/5/10
GTA4 and DoW2 need to be connected to Windows Live for various things I think.
Also didn't Dragon Age need to be logged into Windows Live for something?

I really hate the Windows Live platform. I don't mind steam so much anymore, it blends well with gaming for the most part for me. WinLive however is slow and cumbersome and feels a lot more commercial despite doing much the same things as Steam and some others.
Posted 08:54pm 24/5/10
dragon age was for only achievements i think. cause sometimes it came up saying i had lost connection to the servers but i was still able to play.
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