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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 09:27am 30/04/10 | 15 Comments
So all those rumours were true - Treyarch's next installment in the Call of Duty franchise has officially been confirmed to be set during the Vietnam conflict, the first time since Modern Warfare the Call of Duty name has been lifted out of the trenches of World War II.

According to reports, an official trailer will be posted tomorrow on Game Trailers TV with Geoff Keighley, but beyond that not much else is known about the project. One thing I know for certain, if popular culture post-Vietnam has taught us anything, this game better have one hell of an awesome soundtrack. Stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:33am 30/4/10
So another Treyarch product..... I hope it comes with a zombie survival mode... that was the only redeeming feature of World at War.

and yea, I hope they implement a Battlefield: Vietnam approach to blasting Flight of the Valkyries from vehicles....
Posted 11:49am 30/4/10
I found World at War to be quite good. Bear in mind COD4 was a hard act to follow.
Bring on the gibs, I say.
Posted 11:53am 30/4/10
Yea Mike is just one of many many MW1 fanboys, Treyarch are damn good and WaW was a great game.

All I care about is if it has been infected with IWnet... TreyNet? ArchNet?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:25pm 30/4/10
I have an inside word Treyarch are fans of the dedicated server model ;)
Posted 12:32pm 30/4/10
no idea why but this topic made me want to play some United Offensive. still the best in the call of duty series.
Posted 12:58pm 30/4/10
Uo was a decent game. I played heaps of WaW and zombie mode. Sign me up for the next one.... but be warned if there's no dedicated server support they can DIAF.
Posted 02:00pm 30/4/10
Oh rly Steve, hope so, will be funny to see all the IW fanboys flip and become Treyarch fanboys. But would put between a rock and a hard place as I have decided to not support Activision from now on, have to wait and see just how different it is to MW2.
Posted 06:22pm 30/4/10
Wonder why a Korean War hasn't been done yet?
Posted 06:45pm 30/4/10
A Korean War was done... in Korea...... oh you mean in game form, silly me. Not a well known war.
Posted 07:06pm 30/4/10
Treyarch managed to make a great singleplayer campaign with World at war, lets hope they can pull it off again.
Posted 07:08pm 30/4/10
Hahaha no they didn't josh, WaW was almost as bad as MW2, and it had dedicated servers.
Posted 07:45pm 30/4/10
too many fan boys if you ask me, look at the game for being a game, not it's likeness to another
Posted 09:06pm 30/4/10
All personal opinion Ifrakture, I thought it was great, Im sure others think so too but your entitled to your opinion.

Notice I said singleplayer, so dedicated servers has nothing to do with what I said.

Well said Delta51
Posted 12:22am 01/5/10
I bought codwow. I played it. I tried to play it. It was so shit I returned it. It is the first and only game I have ever returned, it was that fucking bad.
Posted 05:58pm 01/5/10
That's nice.
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