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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:11pm 23/04/10 | 8 Comments
Our resident Monster Hunter expert, James Cottee, has been living it up in Capcom's latest Hunter offering for Wii, Monster Hunter Tri.

Scoffing at ideas like finishing the game in a "measly" 60 hours (as opposed to the literally hundreds he's put into the PSP outing), there's no question he knows his monsters, armour and weapon crafting and combat skills. With this in-mind, we charged him with taking the game through its paces to let the average (or hardcore) Monster Hunter fan out there know what's what with Tri, which he does with gusto.

Click here for the full review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:42pm 23/4/10
gonna tell my little cousin to buy this so i can play it whenever i visit my aunty :P
Posted 01:42pm 23/4/10
Graphics look like a psp game, but I guess Im just spoilt.

Never was interested in the series and this game doesnt look like its going to change that.
Posted 01:46pm 23/4/10
haha @ ravn0s. Nice review, can only figure Josh thinks that the graphics are s*** from screenies containing not much (landscape etc).
Posted 01:53pm 23/4/10
Yeah, just judging off screenshots.. I should have put that lol.

But then again its only a screenshot..
Posted 01:55pm 23/4/10
I did not enjoy reading this review, i wanted to know how the controls worked and felt and how complicated the gameplay would be to learn for someone new to the series,

also how repetitive the game is, and i hate to compare games, but i would of atleast liked to of known what other games it is like...

As the reviewer has stated, the game is quite under rated and often is a title that is ignored, but tri is getting some serious attention atm...
Just expceted a slight more indepth review i guess.

Also other then that the review was good.
Posted 02:10pm 23/4/10
also how repetitive the game is

If you can't handle repetitive gameplay then this deffinatly isn't the game for you.

go out -> kill monsters -> carve them up for loot -> kill boss -> back to town -> accept quest -> go out

thats what you will be doing the entire game. I think the main reason it had never really kicked off as well as some would hope was due to it being on the PSP, and having really, no network play. Wii version fixes that so i'm guessing this will be pretty huge. I've already got my pre-order down.
Posted 07:16am 26/4/10
go out? like physically outside of the house?
Posted 09:22am 26/4/10
Gave this a whirl at a mates place. The combat doesn't seem to flow too well in terms of the chains you use in my opinion, the way that the game picks your attack angle and keeps going in the same direction for every followup move is kind of terrible. I found it easier to hit the minus button for single attacks to hit any of the monsters that moved much.

The whole walking around and hit A 5 or 6 times to gather crap from its non-changing location spawn point (herbs, sharpening stones, mushrooms, whatever) seems like more of a chore than a feature.

Can't say I was too fond of the item wear system, where you have to sharpen your melee weapon after bashing like 3 monsters. But then, I haven't tried a monster hunter game before so I didn't know what to expect.

I thought the art style was decent but as its a wii game you'll have a tricky time seeing it as the textures are so low res :p

The multiplayer is an exciting aspect, and it may have warmed to me if I'd had more time with it.

But right now I don't feel compelled to go back to it.
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