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Post by Dan @ 04:02pm 24/03/10 | 13 Comments
AusGamers' resident strategy-buff Kosta Andreadis is back today with another RTS review. On Monday Dawn of War 2 expansion Chaos Rising scored highly but it looks like EA's Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight hasn't fared so well.
It works, and it doesnít. Itís enjoyable, and itís frustrating. It feels like a battle heavy RTS, and it feels like the RTS equivalent of a button masher.

Find out both why it works and why it doesn't in AusGamers' in-depth review.

Latest Comments
Posted 04:08pm 24/3/10
That makes me sad, as I've really been keen to give this a bash - even with the internet connection DRM.. Now I'll definitely not drop the cash :(
Posted 04:27pm 24/3/10
I bought it last week, but not really cos I have any interest in multiplayer, I just want to see the end of the whole Kane thing. The new game mechanics are definitely kinda weird, but I'm only there for the dodgy cinematics :P

It still feels like C&C to me though, and its still a bit of fun. As for being a spamfest, I dunno, I thought C&C has always pretty much been a spamfest.
Posted 04:30pm 24/3/10
I'd heard a couple of the guys I work with saying that they've un-cheesed the cut scenes a bit?

I guess I'd grab/play it from a half-price steam sale or someone giving me a (legit) copy.. Not sure I'd want to pay to put up with the DRM otherwise..
Posted 04:50pm 24/3/10
Yeah, the cutscenes seem to have a bit higher production values, probably cos they spent more money on the production instead of paying well-known actors lots of money. Not that the acting is crap, its pretty good, its just they aren't hiring the likes of Sawyer from Lost or Six from BSG. They also made real sets instead of putting real actors against CGI sets which looks a lot better.
Posted 05:21pm 24/3/10
Boo. Billy Dee Williams in C&C3 was the most epic thing ever known to man.
Posted 06:26pm 24/3/10
thing i'll pass on this.
Posted 09:27pm 24/3/10
Not happy one big spam a unit game! no super weapons + its just plan boring not how c&c should be.Anyway back to mass effect 2!!! A SAD DAY FOR KANE:(
Posted 11:20pm 24/3/10
this game sucks s*** f***** about as good as ra3 was
Posted 09:45am 26/3/10
this game could have been truely awesome, but unfortunately i found it to be quite the fail...
the beta showed a little bit of hope for the multiplayer as it was fun, but when the full game was released i was dissapointed at how s*** the single player was.
Posted 10:34am 26/3/10
I still play RA2 its a blast with mates, but a b**** to set up with IPX n all.
Posted 11:30am 27/3/10
Sounds like the game is sorta based of the british from company of heroes.
Posted 11:32am 27/3/10
how does kane "die"!?

or does he become some sort of alien.

or does the world explode?

or do they just make peace?
Posted 12:19pm 27/3/10
dark reign > starcraft > perimeter > total anihilation > command and conquor
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