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Post by Dan @ 04:50pm 01/03/10 | 17 Comments
Square-Enix and Gas Powered Games have released a new trailer for Supreme Commander 2, the sequel to the epic-scale RTS and a spiritual-successor of sorts to developer Chris Taylor's much-loved Total Annihilation.

Today's trailer takes a look at the game's "Flowfield" technology, some groovy new AI pathing algorithms sure to save many strategy gamers from those hair-tearing moments.

Now if only they could apply this same technology to children and fat people at the supermarket.

Supreme Commander 2 drops this Thursday, March 4th 2010 for PC with Xbox 360 following on March 18.

Latest Comments
Posted 04:55pm 01/3/10
how gimped is the 360 version gonna be? the original was awesomely lush on pc for its time, i was hoping the sequel was going to push the envelope a little for pc gaming as well.
Posted 04:56pm 01/3/10
Children, fat people and people with prams.
Posted 04:59pm 01/3/10
There's a singleplayer demo for it up on Steam. I played it briefly and it seemed pretty solid - there are some graphical improvements since #1, but unlike the first one, you shouldn't need a bleeding edge PC to run it well.

If you want an idea as to how it plays on x360, check out this video from the first Supreme Commander on console:

Supreme Commander Xbox 360 "Advanced Controls" Dev Diary Trailer
Posted 05:03pm 01/3/10
Wow that was some pretty awesome s***. Bout time someone worked out how the f*** to make groups of units not suck at moving.
Posted 05:03pm 01/3/10
colour me suprised that actually looks decent?? i've tried to play rts on 360 before and it paled in comparison but looks like they did it well.
Posted 05:08pm 01/3/10
i played the demo and im not liking it... much prefer to play TA Springs
Posted 05:28pm 01/3/10
Theyve made it easier for noobs to control units.
Posted 05:47pm 01/3/10
Now if only they could apply this same technology to children and fat people at the supermarket.

Haha made my day :)
Posted 06:23pm 01/3/10
Now if only they could apply this same technology to children and fat people at the supermarket.

Lol, people actually go to the supermarket nowadays. That's so last century for people who have access to the internet. Perhaps, Dan, you might want to google fooddirect.
Posted 06:29pm 01/3/10
Getting your food shopping delivered to your house? I'm not that lazy... yet
Posted 06:35pm 01/3/10
The demo seems ok to me..... im looking forward to the full release this week.
Posted 06:42pm 01/3/10
Summary of the xbox 'advanced controls' video: "we made getting kicked in the balls slightly less painful". Who would play an RTS like that?
Posted 07:34pm 01/3/10
online shopping has worked out pretty well so far for me
Posted 08:58pm 01/3/10
The new mass movement system is a big improvement, though it can't handle everything.

Posted 09:01pm 01/3/10
Well obviously if 2 groups of giant objects ram into each other on a small bridge there is going to be issues. Look at the size of those... things compared to the smaller units of the demo vid
Posted 09:48pm 01/3/10
hahaha hows the music in that vid. It all looks like blind syncronized swimming haha
Posted 09:41am 02/3/10
I loved Total Annihilation; the only RTS I was half decent at and played MP with my brother. Buzz Saws!
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