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Post by Dan @ 11:39am 22/01/10 | 19 Comments
With less than a week to go now until therelease of the long awaited Mass Effect 2, EA and Bioware have released the launch trailer for the hotly anticipated sci-fi sequel.

This latest clip doesn't show anything we've seen before, just your run of the mill dramatic launch trailer. watch it here on AusGamers.

Mass Effect 2 touches down on Australian shelves on Thursday January 28 2010 for both Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Buy now from Green Man Gaming for only GBP£17.99 (USD$19.99 on Steam)!
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Latest Comments
Posted 11:44am 22/1/10
Now if only they'd let me pre-load :/
Steve Farrelly
Posted 11:56am 22/1/10
fuck that looks awesome!
Posted 12:04pm 22/1/10
hells yer, that looks awesome

i love how sheppard always has time to hit some shit while hes saving the world

Posted 02:39pm 22/1/10
Posted 04:39pm 22/1/10
the music in that trailer is fkn epic
Posted 06:42pm 22/1/10
Songs Name is: Heart Of Courage
Album: Two Steps From Hell
Artist: Legend

Even the names for the music is epic.

Mantorok, no matter how many times I see that pic, it always makes me smile.

last edited by Lynx at 18:42:27 22/Jan/10
Posted 04:54am 24/1/10
why exactly does steam have to wait for the game to be mass produced and physically delivered to retail stores before flicking the unlock switch?
Posted 09:05am 24/1/10
Same reason they try to charge more for certain games at different regions.

So stores like EB don't cry their little bleeding hearts out about lost income.
Even though they wish to continue to over-charge which is the reason they lose out so much when steam undercuts them.

Would have thought there would be some law against them refusing to be competitive and manipulating the market like that though.

last edited by Mephz at 09:05:31 24/Jan/10
Posted 10:29pm 24/1/10
Unskippeble cut-scenes are so retarded. It is a no-brainer that ALL cut-scenes in a game have the option of skipping.
Posted 11:06pm 24/1/10
atleast they can patch in the ability to skip it
Posted 11:08pm 24/1/10
So how are people playing it already? Did it break street date? Or did you acquire it in a more illicit way? Not that I care, just, if its out somewhere, I wanna go buy it tomorrow.
Posted 12:01am 25/1/10
My guess is they sailed the Dutch waters.
Posted 09:47am 25/1/10
Khel they would be playing the dirty pirated edition. I'm surprised it was out so soon, but I'm keen to purchase this game because it looks like a sure fire winner.
Posted 11:06am 25/1/10
If you were a big fan of #1 then you will LOVE this one put it that way. It improves over the first one in many areas and falls flat on it's face in others
Posted 12:21pm 25/1/10
I loved the first game, the only thing that shit me to tears in ME1 was that Mako tank thing you had to drive around, it handled like pure ass.

ME2 is released Thursday yeah?
Posted 01:06pm 25/1/10
For those interested...

Some ME2 sex scenes of 3 people. Spoilers abound obviously. Tali ftw.

EDIT - Oh and the mako is gone. No more driving parts.

last edited by DM at 13:06:29 25/Jan/10
Posted 01:56pm 25/1/10
If you were a big fan of #1 then you will LOVE this one put it that way. It improves over the first one in many areas and falls flat on it's face in others

i've enjoyed what ive played of it, i do miss the mako, whilst it handled like shit it was still fun crusing around planets exploring shit with it.

i dont miss having to constantly search for better weapons and armour for my squad... just finding upgrades to weapons and armor is good enough and it allows me to focus more on storyline as im not getting caught up finding stuff from vendors.

Overall the game is alot better then the first one, though i can see some fans getting the shits with certain aspects.
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