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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:32pm 20/11/09 | 9 Comments
Newcomer and nostalgic Mario lover, Chad Drake, has tackled the latest Mario Bros. title, New Super Mario Bros. Wii to see if Nintendo's retroactive design nature can survive in this 3D gaming world we inhabit today.

The answer is, of course, yes. It's Mario - he can survive anywhere. And retro as it may be, the game oozes old-school charm while also very cleverly introducing innovative new gameplay elements and ideas, the biggest of which is the much touted four-player competitive/co-operative multiplayer. Wii owners really should put on their red caps and start jumping on goombahs and koopa troopers.

Click here for the full review.

Latest Comments
Posted 07:43pm 20/11/09
i've enjoyed what ive played so far and it serves as a great addition to my wii game collection, which only gets looked at when i want to play something for 10minutes.
Posted 09:07pm 20/11/09
ahahaha this got a better score than l4d2. awesome
Posted 05:36am 21/11/09
ahahaha this got a better score than l4d2. awesome

lulz. Deadspace got 9.5 so pretty much ignore the score and read what they have to say. I like the ads on TV for these games "hey guys, remember this shit you used to play in the 90s? Well we have released it again!" Nintendo perfection.
Posted 09:24am 21/11/09
"hey guys, remember this shit you used to play in the 90s? Well we have released it again!" Nintendo perfection.

Its not Nintendo's fault they have been around so long and still kicking ass.

Im sure MS and Sony will be doing the exact same thing in ten years.
Posted 10:27am 21/11/09
ahahaha this got a better score than l4d2. awesome
only by 0.5, if you use the review score from the uncensored version of the game
Posted 11:09am 21/11/09
the review was alright, i give it 6/10
Posted 12:56pm 21/11/09
ausome game.
multiplayer is difficult as there's a lot going on screen, but yeah, another social game win from nintendo.

it also has many cool references to the old games which is win win for old skool fans...
id give it an 8/10..........

Posted 11:54pm 21/11/09
yeah got it the other day
was playing with some mates

awesome social game. its actually quite harder than previous mario series
my little sister who manages to pass paper mario with ease was having difficulties in this one xD

i definitely need to buy some more wiimotes :O
4players would be insane. too many bumping/blocking each other lol

8.5/10 for me
Posted 09:12am 23/11/09
hahaha your little sister is better at games than you. Don't worry one day you'll be as good as her!
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