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Post by Dan @ 04:46pm 22/10/09 | 21 Comments
Blizzard have released another one of the excellent Battle Report multiplayer gameplay trailers for StarCraft 2, once again showing off a couple of their in-house elite players duking it out with some serious skills.

The latest vid can be streamed here on AusGamers but we recommend grabbing the HD download for the full effect. The thing I love the most about these is the terrific commentary from Blizzard's Dustin Browder and Robert Simpson, they really keep you on-top of everything that's going on with easy to follow explanations and don't miss a beat. Highly recommended.

StarCraft 2 is expected in the first half of 2010, exclusive for PC.

Latest Comments
Posted 05:03pm 22/10/09
You mean Battle Report #4?
Posted 05:05pm 22/10/09
want starcraft 2 bad!!!!
Posted 05:22pm 22/10/09
wow a game exclusive to PC now that new for this day of age
Posted 05:51pm 22/10/09
another awesome video. agreed on the commentary, those two guys are great at it.
Posted 05:58pm 22/10/09

Yeah their commentary is good, considering one of them is the lead designer.
Posted 06:03pm 22/10/09
Yep I love these videos. Forget cinematic videos and trailers, this is the s*** that makes me wanna buy a game.
Posted 06:50pm 22/10/09
This one was one of the best. Great commentary and amazing gameplay. The units combos are really coming together and the maps are sweet as.
Posted 06:59pm 22/10/09
Oh whoops. Had it marked as #3 in the topic, it's the fourth battle report of course. Local streams of the previous vids can be found here:

Posted 07:41pm 22/10/09
man, that s*** is sick!
Posted 07:43pm 22/10/09
It shows why one day korean will rule the universe ... their ability to micro some nukes
Posted 08:03pm 22/10/09
Anyone else here got a beta profile set up on Bnet with the hope of getting in?
Posted 08:07pm 22/10/09
snip Forget cinematic videos and trailers
Agreed and it actually makes to want to buy the game rather than the usual old cgi intro which makes be think great yet another pile of steaming s***

last edited by HerbalLizard at 20:07:34 22/Oct/09
Posted 09:27pm 22/10/09
awsome match
Posted 06:14pm 23/10/09
really you thought it was good? this kinda stuff is why i hated c&c... massive power changes because somsone gets off their 'iwin' button.

The protoss player didnt defend any of his highground, so he deserved to be f***ed but at hte same time, 4 nukes in the matter of 2 minutes is f*****g stupid.
Posted 10:27pm 23/10/09
The Protoss player had a massive advantage at one stage in the map. He decided to attack units instead of Kim's base. He had observers galore, but effectively ran a suicide mission.

No 'iwin' button, but an 'isuck' button for the Protoss player at that moment.
Posted 11:45pm 23/10/09
Eh nukes are not an I win button.

A successful strategy always looks OP in StarCraft. Its part of the appeal of the game :)
Posted 12:49am 24/10/09
Complaining about balance and 'iwin' buttons in a blizzard game?..... .. .
Posted 10:26pm 26/10/09
holy s*** its JakeG - sup :)

Starcraft = A+

Balance is there and they are allways very focussed on balance in their games - SC1 is still getting updates...

It wont be a problem.
Posted 10:54pm 26/10/09
Anyone else here got a beta profile set up on Bnet with the hope of getting in?

yeah I do.
I only registered an Interest in SC2 beta.
But you can also register for Diablo3 beta.
Posted 11:38pm 26/10/09
Yep I love these videos. Forget cinematic videos and trailers, this is the s*** that makes me wanna buy a game.

Very much this.
Posted 11:49am 27/10/09
Yep I love these videos. Forget cinematic videos and trailers, this is the s*** that makes me wanna buy a game.

I've watched every one of these reports and every time i get excited again.
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