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Post by Dan @ 11:47am 13/10/09 | 14 Comments
FIFA 10, arguably the flasgship title of EA Sports' annual line-up is now in stores everywhere for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS and PSP. Steve and I will both profess that despite our genre-spanning tastes and knowledge in games, we're not the best qualified to pass judgement on soccer titles.

Instead, the buck has been passed to one of our programmers and resident football fanatic Spadbob. We've managed to pull him away from the game long enough to get a few words out about it. Find out all the details in our in-depth review of EA Sports' FIFA 10.

fifa 10review

Latest Comments
Posted 11:55am 13/10/09
It has "lots of bugs" and it still gets a 9.3? A lot of the cons should have knocked it down to at least a 7.

Assuming it will get patched isn't a good idea.
Posted 12:18pm 13/10/09
i dont understand why it costs so much for the game when in 1 year time there a new FIFA out why cant they make it like $30 so i can go out buy all the rest of them like NBA and NHL etc :(
Posted 12:25pm 13/10/09
FIFA 10 is aweeeeeeeesome! Better than 09, and that was a solid game.
Posted 12:42pm 13/10/09
I love this game I haven't been able to put it down!

Also I got it for $85, bargain :)
Posted 12:45pm 13/10/09
yer I am loving Fifa 10 at the moment.

Can't wait for PES too
Posted 12:45pm 13/10/09
I have FIFA 08. I played FIFA 09 and didn't find it much different. Is it worth getting FIFA 10?
Posted 12:57pm 13/10/09
The first night I got it I got hand cramps, did a half arsed job of the dishes and was dragged to bed by my fiance.
This was mentioned twice in 2 different paragraphs. So you share your bed with your lovely finance. We get it man!
Posted 12:57pm 13/10/09
hahah that's what I though too MatchFixa!
Posted 01:29pm 13/10/09
Having a fiance is a big deal on the nets guys. Keep in mind that a World Cup edition will be released in a few months. Quite ridiculous.
Posted 04:02pm 13/10/09
You can have a wife for years but a fiance is pretty fleeting, gotta make the most of it.
Posted 07:05pm 13/10/09
Grats nats? Something we didn't know?
Posted 11:50pm 13/10/09
Screw the world cup edition of this. It's bad enough they have annual titles now they want me to buy the incremental 'half a decade minus 1 year' world cup titles too?

The s*** with it.
Posted 06:33am 14/10/09
Jadz0r, no Just an observation
Posted 08:51am 14/10/09
I'm a PES fanboy, it was far more comparable to playing football. However, Fifa has been catching up ground in recent years. Fifa 10 takes the cake.
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