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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:30am 02/09/09 | 13 Comments
It probably doesn't matter to any of the net savvy AusGamers users, but Nintendo have announced today the formerly 500 points costing internet browser for Nintendo Wii, is now available as a free download so you can "enjoy browsing the internet from your sofa", according to Nintendo.

To grab it, just log into the Wii Shop Channel and you'll find it featured for free download.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:45am 02/9/09
That's pretty cool; I was always surprised they charged for it. Is it still Opera?
Posted 01:07pm 02/9/09
about bloody time;
i missed out on it when it was free originally;
Posted 02:57pm 02/9/09
Wait so what happens to the poor folks that paid for it?
Posted 03:01pm 02/9/09
I would quite happily not get my 500 points back if they would upgrade the flash player to be more compatible with the modern internet.
Posted 03:02pm 02/9/09
Wait so what happens to the poor folks that paid for it?

The same thing that happens to everyone who pays full price for something that gets discounted the next day, nothing.

Woopty bloody doo
Posted 03:07pm 02/9/09
Wait so what happens to the poor folks that paid for it?
You mean aside from the fact that they got to use it all this time while everyone else didn't?
Posted 03:09pm 02/9/09
From what I remember reading it's not Nintendo's or Opera's fault but adobe. Adobe has something against upgrading past Flash 8.

Oh and to answer my own question, from wiki:
Those who had paid earlier would be awarded a free NES game from the Virtual Console costing 500 points at the end of October.

The above should be added to the news article.

Glade nintendo isn't as cold and heartless as some of you are.

last edited by greazy at 15:09:37 02/Sep/09
Posted 05:08pm 02/9/09
That's pretty cool; I was always surprised they charged for it. Is it still Opera?

I'd be happier if it was the new Opera 10.

Posted 05:10pm 02/9/09
Opera 10 is ace. All it needs now is something like AdBlockPlus.
Posted 05:37pm 02/9/09
shoulda been free all along imho.
Posted 07:08pm 02/9/09
It said something about an updated version of flash in the update note. Can't check because mine loads to a black screen, probably conflicting with some of my homebrew hacks.
Posted 07:35pm 02/9/09
then do a legit upgrade and start again ;)

we all need a challenge
Posted 07:25am 03/9/09
I've done the update and during a quick test the updated flash will still not let me view sites like the past shows of Rockwiz from, has always worked for me though, sitting on the lounge watching old comedians is a good way to spend my lunch break.

It did mention the 500 point credit to be spent on a SNES game but I didn't see anything good there.
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