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Post by Dan @ 08:47am 07/05/09 | 28 Comments
Blizzard sends word that sign-ups have opened for the upcoming beta test for the hotly anticipated StarCraft 2.
The StarCraft® II beta is coming! If you’re interested in participating, you need to sign up for a account, opt in to participate in upcoming Blizzard Entertainment betas through Account Management, and upload your system specifications using our quick system-snapshot software. If you’re selected, you’ll be notified in the coming months.
More specifics can be found in the StarCraft® II – Beta Opt-In FAQ.

Latest Comments
Posted 09:16am 07/5/09
Blizzard and Valve, the last bastion of PC gaming. Never played Starcraft (I know, I suck) but I'm looking forward to this like almost nothing else.
Posted 09:22am 07/5/09
Never played Starcraft (I know, I suck)
Yes sir, that is correct, sir.
Posted 09:29am 07/5/09
i didn't have a account
but i did have a blizzard account (there support/forums shop/wow)
same email address/password worked for the account

so yer just a FYI
Posted 10:36am 07/5/09
all done :)
Posted 10:49am 07/5/09
How have you worked in the gaming industry and not have played Starcraft?!@#%?!@
Posted 11:17am 07/5/09
bah! you need to have a game registered to apply for the beta.
Posted 11:20am 07/5/09

wish they had an option for multiple system profiles... whats more likely to get me in is my question !
Posted 11:49am 07/5/09
bah! you need to have a game registered to apply for the beta.

wow is pretty cheap. u should buy that imo
Posted 11:51am 07/5/09
i would rather eat my own vomit. and i've only done that once before.
Posted 11:53am 07/5/09
you can buy Warcraft 3 CD Keys for about $10USD online.
Posted 12:04pm 07/5/09
Good stuff, thanks for the update.
Posted 12:25pm 07/5/09
i bought from EB games 3 weeks ago 2 games for $50 so i bought WarcraftIII and Starcraft battlechest and then paid $20 for the WC3 Expansion
Posted 03:19pm 07/5/09
I just signed up.
Spent about 30 mins trashing the room trying to find the CD case for Starcraft.
Ended up using a Key extractor.
Posted 05:25pm 07/5/09
North America, Australia, and New Zealand will be the first regions to begin beta testing, and other regions will follow afterward in phases.

Woo! We're so popular. We're like the small kid that hangs around with the cool group.
Posted 05:49pm 07/5/09
Why do I have to download an application to create a beta profile?
Our beta opt-in application allows us to gather information about potential beta testers’ systems quickly and accurately, helping us ensure that the resulting pool of beta testers we select most closely represents the range and distribution of systems we wish to test.

Does that mean that because I have a really s*** old system that I will probably be knocked back? :( Was planning on actually (finally) upgrading my PC again when Diablo3 and SC2 came out.

Cant hurt giving it a go I spose.
Posted 06:21pm 07/5/09
IMO Scooter, they will probably try for a broad range of different systems. Hopefully my 2560x1600 system of awesomeness gets me in the 'huge res' club :S heres hoping.
Posted 06:29pm 07/5/09
Does that mean that because I have a really s*** old system that I will probably be knocked back?
It may be that you're selected so they can test the minimum requirements.
Posted 07:00pm 07/5/09
my comps 5 yrs old and id be surprised to miss out.
they might be keen to test game from australia too.
Posted 07:14pm 07/5/09
i just registered and added a bunch of my blizzard games that i could find.
Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 2 LoD, Warcraft 2, StarCraft.
Posted 08:13pm 07/5/09
If you have an old system here's a little trick you can use. Get a friend who has a newer computer to download and install the program. I did that with Warhammer online and I got in.
Posted 09:15pm 07/5/09
suprised korea wasn't before us!
Posted 10:59am 08/5/09
Pretty sure the system is more about diversification. IE: If you have X video card does it run? If you manage to play okay on a low end system, then they can offer on the box min spec's based on testing. They can also allow different settings as defaults for different system specifications based on feedback. I'm pretty sure if anything having a rare PC is going to in many ways be a bonus to allow them to maximize compatibility.

The last thing they want is a million i7 quads. They probably test on those machines every day of the week.
Posted 11:05am 08/5/09
They are probably leaving Korea until later because thats where a huge section of their market will be and they won't want it to crash or have too many bugs.

Start with crappy lower-population countries and let them find the majority of the issues and then give it to the hard-core countries like South Korea.
Posted 11:09am 08/5/09
They are probably leaving Korea until later because thats where a huge section of their market will be and they won't want it to crash or have too many bugs.
This. Korea is about competition, they will probably want it damn polished and balanced by the time they get their hands over it. If they released it unbalanced and unpolished even as beta they may lose all street cred yo.
Posted 11:11am 08/5/09
Can you feel it?

Yer baby!
Posted 12:59pm 08/5/09
Who let you out of your box Draxy you Protoss-loving whore!

Zerg for life y0!
Posted 01:02pm 08/5/09
We are the Zerg. Resistance is futile. Wait, what's that in your hand? Baygon!? NOOOOOOO!

Zerg air force > *
Posted 01:10pm 08/5/09
Blizzard releases me a few weeks prior to launch.
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