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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:46pm 26/03/09 | 20 Comments
It's an interesting point that even the game's website excludes the pre-curser Call of Duty, but Infinity Ward's sequel to the smash hit, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 got the GDC reveal treatment today with a teaser trailer giving us very little in the way of details beyond what I can only presume to be terrorists in an elevator.

So it looks like they're not going futuristic as was the long-run rumour, and will be sticking with the modern day foundation.

You can check out the trailer right here, and hit this link for the official site.

Latest Comments
Posted 07:04pm 26/3/09
World at war is fucking terrible, but the gibbing was a much welcomed addition.
I hope they add it into modern warfare 2.
Posted 07:12pm 26/3/09
Bah, we want future.

We have plenty of WW2 and current warfare games, we want Future. With purpose built Co-op!
Posted 07:30pm 26/3/09
Meh. Trailer was meh too.
Posted 09:31pm 26/3/09
Gaming Industry: Beating the beaten dead horse.
Posted 11:13pm 26/3/09
We're all going to buy it anyway; you know we are.
Posted 12:04am 27/3/09
I'm only renting it assuming the multiplayer hasn't changed.
Cat Scratch
Posted 11:12am 27/3/09
boring trailer. why do they bother. I'm still not interested. same game- different skin
Posted 11:26am 27/3/09
COD4 is shit hot and the outright best competitive gaming FPS.

Another one of those and they can't go wrong.
Posted 11:34am 27/3/09
Agreed, not sure where all the hate is coming from. COD 4 is a solid FPS.

Maybe peeps are confused because the last Call of Duty - World at War, developed by Treyarch, wasn't as good.

Infinity Ward however, made the original Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4 (not CoD 3, that was Treyarch again). IMO IW are yet to make a bad game, so there's really no reason this won't be any different.
Posted 11:42am 27/3/09
Too bad that they are 3 games that are easy to forget.
Posted 11:58am 27/3/09
Pirroh lay off the crack pipe. COD franchise has been massive.
Posted 12:23pm 27/3/09
I know. I just don't think that they're as great as everyone says they are.
Posted 12:36pm 27/3/09
to this day, i still get sad thinking about how cod4 finished :(
Posted 01:05pm 27/3/09
trailer is very meh.

the original and UO are probably the games ive spent most time online playing, well besides CS. UO was such an amazing expansion pack. loved it so much.

COD4 was great too, awesome SP but abit short, would have loved a co-op just like everyone else. MP was great but i got alittle tired of it after a few months of solid play. matyrdom or however you spelled it pissed me off to much.
Posted 01:16pm 27/3/09
Pirroh has obviously never actually gone and bought the games the cheap fuck, and has hence not actually played multi - which is the best fucking part you cheap pirate monkey fuck.
Posted 01:24pm 27/3/09
But I own CoD, Cod2, CoD4 and CoDWaW....

EDIT: Why do you think I said "I'm only renting it assuming the multiplayer hasn't changed." I'VE OBVIOUSLY PLAYED THE DAMN MULTIPLAYER.
Posted 04:57pm 27/3/09
"...renting it..."

How do you rent an awesome PC game? You must be speaking of the somewhat mediocre console counterparts.
Posted 05:09pm 27/3/09
some video places rent pc games:
Steve Farrelly
Posted 06:14pm 27/3/09
I stand by CoD: WAW MP having an edge of CoD 4 MP for a few reasons (outlined in my review), but whereas I finished the single-player game with absolution (check my achievements if you don't believe me), I couldn't be assed with the CoD: WAW single-player.

To that end, I have my multiplayer fill with both games, but am craving another solid single-player campaign from IW (though I am sad it's modern warfare again - futuristic could have been cool)
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