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Post by Dan @ 02:24pm 23/02/09 | 9 Comments
Activision have released the first substantial trailer (after a spat of teasers and viral videos) for Raven Software's upcoming shooter Singularity.

A departure from their long history of using id Software engines (which Raven's Wolfenstein will obviously still be powered by), Singularity will sport the popular Unreal Engine 3 under the hood.

Check out the latest trailer right here on AusGamers. Singularity is aiming for a unspecified 2009 release for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:38pm 23/2/09
This looks awesome. I'm super keen
Posted 02:40pm 23/2/09
i thought it looked average, in both visuals and ideas
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:45pm 23/2/09
you can fast forward enemy bodies in time, pull objects from the past and into the future - I think that bodes well for plenty of gameplay innovations - here's hoping they follow through
Posted 02:55pm 23/2/09
What's with the R and other letters being backwards? How can I take something serious when they do s*** like this? Now I think it's nothing more than a game for children. Toys R us.
Posted 02:59pm 23/2/09
It's just a Soviet Яussia marketing gimmick thing. Cyrillic alphabet.
Posted 06:50pm 23/2/09
Heres hoping they dont screw it up.. making controls impossible to use. Idea sounds alright, Activision usually makes quality games.

If you dont like a game because of one different letter, you need better values.
Posted 07:07pm 23/2/09
I'm super keen

It's 'Commander', not 'super'. Geez what planet did you grow up on?
Posted 07:12pm 23/2/09
looks good, there was a f*** tonne of screen tearing in that video, better not be there on my three sexty. also, seems bioshockish.
Posted 08:15pm 23/2/09
Activision usually makes quality games.
The developer is Raven Software though, who have made a laundry list of (while not terrible by any means) pretty ultimately forgettable games.

I do have a bit of a soft spot for the Hexens and Heritics, but remember the storyline/characters in Quake 4? Because I can't :/

Which is a real shame, since they put all the focus on the singleplayer campaign and left deathmatch as an afterthought and just completely wasted the potential they could have had from the Quake 3: Arena fan base.

Recently, all they've been doing are the X-men/Marvel action RPG's which while fun, are pretty disposable games by design.

From the trailers, Wolfenstein already looks destined for the bargain bin so I'm really hoping Singularity will be more interesting.
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