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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:12pm 10/02/09 | 8 Comments
Capcom today confirmed a sequel to one of the Xbox 360's initial release titles and 1.5 million plus seller, Dead Rising, was well and truly in the works and would arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC platforms. Not specific release date or period was mentioned in the release.

According to Capcom, events in Dead Rising 2 kick off several years after those of the original game and you'll be tackling the hordes of undead in a fictitious gambling establishment called Fortune City. There'll also be "tens of thousands of zombies" this time around.

You can check out the teaser trailer here, otherwise stay tuned for more details as they're released in the not too distant future, and be sure to check out our Dead Rising 2 game page.

dead rising 2trailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 03:16pm 10/2/09
Looks pretty cool.

I've been watching BillyH play the original for the last couple of weeks. Such an awesome concept but soooo badly executed I think. Lots of fun to be had but I couldn't play it more than a couple of times before getting annoyed w/ some of the bad gameplay mechanics and just generally lousy design stuff. Not being able to save, poor UI, lack of direction in missions, etc.

Of course it's still AWESOME fun to just walk around smashing zombies up with all manner of objects.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:19pm 10/2/09
chainsaw and lawnmower FTW
Posted 03:24pm 10/2/09
Posted 05:08pm 10/2/09
Not being able to save, poor UI, lack of direction in missions, etc
I like the lack of direction. Gives you some sense of freedom for quite a while. You can choose to play through the story line if you want. As for save points. Ruined a lot of games IMO. worries, repeat.
Posted 05:14pm 10/2/09
I like the lack of direction. Gives you some sense of freedom for quite a while. You can choose to play through the story line if you want.

I like the sense of freedom, but it doesn't REALLY tell you which missions are compulsory and which ones are just for fun. The number of f*****g times I had to restart a mission or the whole game because I was mucking around was really gay. It also doesn't tell you that you've lost the game - it just says "the truth is lost" or something, and then lets you keep playing, which is terrible if you don't realise the game won't progress any further.

I don't get your point about save points though? I think there were enough, but on the 360, you can only ever have 1 saved game at a time, so if you save a game a moment before you fail the mission, the whole game is screwed and you have to start all over again.
Posted 05:23pm 10/2/09
oh oh oh oh oh!
Posted 05:37pm 10/2/09
I hope they don't put in something stupid like the convicts' jeep.
Posted 05:40pm 10/2/09
^hah yeh what was up with that? Although I accidentally worked out how to beat them - just stand near some thick trees with the katana. Take out the gunner first, then the drivers. Carrying around the rear-mounted gun is pretty fun, as is driving the jeep underground mowing down thousands of zombies. But yeh it was uber gay when the car keeps respawning when you're trying to do rescue missions across the garden:/
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