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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:01pm 11/12/08 | 6 Comments
It's not quite 2009 yet, but already one of next year's biggest releases has begun it's march towards your pocket and cerebral interest.

The hotly anticipated Resident Evil 5 will be releasing worldwide next March, and in the build up to that Capcom have started a viral campaign which begins with a dedicated website outlining the province of Kijuju, where the game is set in Africa, as well as this new video (featuring the Aussie-born actress the character Sheva is based on).

As well as the new viral stuff, a brand new gameplay trailer featuring one of the game's bosses was also released and can be viewed here.

Be sure to check out everything else we have related to Resident Evil 5 from our game page.

resident evil 5trailer

Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:17pm 11/12/08
Seriously can't wait for this...
Posted 01:21pm 11/12/08
Anyone else played the demo for this? I must say, I was kind of disappointed. After playing things like Dead Space, not being able to move while aiming/shooting felt absolutely terrible. I didn't find it particularly enjoyable at all, and I absolutely loved RE4. It's gone from a must-buy for me to a "I'll see how it goes and maybe buy it later."

It had bad screen tearing too. Like, really bad. The worst I've seen in a game. I'm sure that'll be fixed though.

F*** it looks pretty though.
Posted 03:26pm 11/12/08
i didnt have any screen tearing. game was a lot like re4, i dont know what everyone is talking about saying the controls are s***.

you need time to get into it... just like re4. i like the demo.
Posted 03:34pm 11/12/08
Needing a heap of time to get used to a game is usually a sign of poor design. I didn't find in RE4 that I needed time to adjust (except in the Wii version, only because I was so used to the GC controls). But games have changed since then, and as I mentioned before, games like Dead Space (which is very similar control-wise) have since shown that you can create tension without have to glue the player in one spot. RE5 doesn't appear to have changed at all, they just changed the setting and prettied it up.

I wont be buying this on launch anymore (unless there are a lot of absolutely raving reviews before hand), so I'll wait and see how it goes over.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:40pm 11/12/08
I agree with Midda in that I think they should definitely have amped up the game a bit more. It's what made Dead Space so awesome - advancing small elements of interaction and functionality.

That said, Demos are usually only the tutorial of the final game, or prior E3/TGS/LGC hands-on portions, so we'll have to wait and see...
Posted 03:44pm 11/12/08
nothing beats the original RE1

that mansion was scary as f***
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