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Post by trog @ 06:18pm 24/08/08 | 11 Comments
Sony's big news from Leipzig this year is a new version of the PSP, offering a significantly improved screen to provide better a better visual experience when playing games, particularly outside in natural light.

On the PlayStation 3 front, the 80GB PS3 model has been confirmed for release in Australia on the 28th of August. A 160GB PlayStation 3 model was also announced... but:
SCE Aust. confirmed it will not be introducing the limited edition 160GB PS3 announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at the 2008 Games Convention Developers Conference (GCDC) held in Leipzig, Germany.
So, no luck for us there. Hopefully that might change.

A wireless, BlueTooth keyboard was also announced and shown, clipping straight on to your regular controller, allowing you to type directly into the game. A Touch Pad surface allows you to get fine control over the pointer - while it's not a mouse and keyboard for FPS games, this new device will certainly massively increase the usability of the PS3 for things like web browsing.

A new music video service was also announced. Called VidZone, I didn't exactly have high hopes that it be made available for Australians, but according to the press release, it'll be online in "early 2009". Music videos can be watched directly on your PS3 for free, or downloaded to compatible mobile phones for a small charge.

On the actual games side, no major new announcements - just a highlight reel of some of the big titles that we're already expecting, like Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain (preview coming soon!), Killzone 2, and a few of the others. We'll have some video of the press conference up soon!

Latest Comments
Posted 06:30pm 24/8/08
Kotaku's pics of the PS3 Keyboard thingy. Was there anything mentioned about how the new PSP is mostly aimed at combating piracy on the handheld?
Crizane Tribal
Posted 06:37pm 24/8/08
I don't really give a crap about the HDD size in the PS3. I'd rather keep it at 40gb and have backwards compatability :(
Posted 06:45pm 24/8/08
I don't really give a crap about the HDD size in the PS3

Also because you can upgrade ps3 hdds on the cheap with any laptop drive.
Posted 09:16pm 24/8/08
any pics of the new psp???
Reverend Evil™
Posted 10:54pm 24/8/08
Why don't they just make a proper keyboard and mouse for web browsing? That thing would be retarded to use.
Posted 12:16pm 25/8/08
Posted 04:40pm 25/8/08
You can use any usb keyboard/mouse on the PS3 for that sort of thing.

This upgrade really isn't that important imo. It takes 2 mins to put in a new HDD and it doesn't void your warranty.
Posted 05:26pm 25/8/08
160gb sounds way better than xbox's newly announced 80gb to joe punter.

Crizane Tribal
Posted 07:58pm 25/8/08
What about putting a HDD in an xbox 360? Can you just slam your own in?
Posted 08:16pm 25/8/08
i keep reading it as leizpig
Posted 08:42pm 25/8/08
What about putting a HDD in an xbox 360? Can you just slam your own in?

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