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Post by Dan @ 12:22pm 21/08/08 | 19 Comments
The first official trailer for id Software's Rage has been released, letting us all have a good look at the Quakecon video in high definition and not captured from a hand-held camera.

The 2 minute clip shows off the lush new id Tech 5 engine in the game's post apocalyptic desert and sewer environments and finishes with some road-warrior racing action. Check it out right here in the AusGamers video library.

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Posted 12:37pm 21/8/08
fkn :( ever since i tried to do that favourite platform poll i get the 'manage account' bulls*** when i try to access any ausgamers page & i'm all out of email accounts ffs! !@$!@#$!

i'll wait for the utube.

(edit) actually i just hit the update account button without changing my email at all n it worked :P righteous.

rage looks like it'll be cool.. on phat hware :P

last edited by demon at 12:37:20 21/Aug/08
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:43pm 21/8/08
is it just me or is that really unimpressive and underwhelming?
Posted 12:50pm 21/8/08
Not really sure tbh. I'm kinda torn in that the storyline potential looks pretty weak, but the engine looks really slick.
Posted 12:51pm 21/8/08
I'm kind of the other way Dan, sure the game engine looks awesome but no game engine is really going to stand out anymore like previous new id technologies have. I'm prepared to judge this game on its story and gameplay.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:02pm 21/8/08
seems like every company and his dog are running with the mad max post apocalyptic thing these days
Posted 02:06pm 21/8/08
Looks fairly nice but that doesn't mean s***. Plenty of action games look nice and turn out to be another generic single player experience.
Posted 02:37pm 21/8/08
This video has been out for 2 or 3 weeks, saw it somewhere else, think from quakecon..... I like it, the graphics look very nice.

This will be a showcase for the tech5 engine, the next game (doom4) will be a true game using the engine.

Posted 02:46pm 21/8/08
looks slick, can't wait to see it in action

also yapa your nick reminded me of this awesome song on youtube

last edited by boba at 14:46:47 21/Aug/08
Posted 03:11pm 21/8/08
This video has been out for 2 or 3 weeks, saw it somewhere else, think from quakecon..... I like it, the graphics look very nice.
Pretty sure I explained that in the OP. Oh wait, I did.
Posted 03:20pm 21/8/08
bitter dan
Posted 04:33pm 21/8/08
they just need to remake doom2 cos that was the coolest
Posted 04:39pm 21/8/08
Damn im excited for this game. Reminds me so much of that star wars 'pod races' in the desert feel.
Posted 05:23pm 21/8/08
Not much Gameplay in the Gameplay Trailer :( Remember the old days, when we'd get doctored screenshots, but at least they'd be in-game footage. Now they don't even pretend.

Ah the good old days.
Posted 06:31pm 21/8/08
I dont get it...
what Genre is this game based on. is it an FPS? racing?
other than that the visual's look like they would effectively kill my comp.
Posted 08:00pm 21/8/08
I find the visuals a bit meh - sure they are very detailed, but they dont strike me as the least bit realistic. Particularly the (I assume) human characters, some of the environments look pretty good.
Posted 08:01pm 21/8/08
what Genre is this game based on. is it an FPS? racing?

Both afaik, which should hopefully be awesome, GTA3/4 with a good first person view would have been the holy grail of games for me.
I still don't understand the obsession with 3rd person view these days...
Posted 08:23pm 21/8/08

my pc can barely play the video, never mind the game
Posted 09:55am 22/8/08
you still using that gateway your dad got ya insom? :)
Posted 11:01am 22/8/08
they just need to remake doom2 cos that was the coolest

you mean a remake of quake1.. using todays video game developing technology and maintaining/modernising the essentials from quake1 like the gameplay/physics, sounds, gibs etc etc
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