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Post by Psycho! @ 03:16pm 09/10/03 | 49 Comments
Shacknews is breaking the news item that Valve have confirmed that Counterstrike: Condition Zero will be going gold this Friday.
Condition Zero is going gold this Friday, and will be available via Steam and at retail on November 18th.

The AI that we were testing via the Steam beta has been more successful than we had originally expected, so it has allowed us to build some more flexibility into the mission authoring.

A typical mission in CZ looks like this:

- you have to win at least three times, and have won at least two more than your opponents
- in easy mode, you have to get one kill with a pistol
- in normal mode, you have to get one kill with a five seven
- in hard mode, you have to get three kills with a five seven without dying which may take multiple rounds
- in expert mode, you have to get three head shots with a deagle without dying.

Latest Comments
Posted 06:20pm 09/10/03
I wonder if the stats of CS Players on will jump ten fold now :)

16139 servers, 61910 players

Maybe like to 100,000 or something players and now we will have ten fold more "OMFG BS! BS! SIF! SIF! H4X!" so now the world can breed easy with the CS bad step children syndrome.

Hey! Maybe the army of nub can leave my favourite modification:

The Specialists
107 servers, 500 players

At least look on the bright side with the specialists anyone who uses "OMFG ITS BS!" gets laughed at because its actually *fun*. Counter Strike BETA 5.2 was actually fun then after that it slowly slid into oblivion :)

Posted 06:47pm 09/10/03
Lets look at it the other way:

- High Poly Models : can download custom models... and this is sort of exactly what they did with the Blue Shift addon pack for Half Life by meaning that the models are mean't to "Look Better" . Bah

- Sophisticated AI : The POD Bot seems to be pretty sophisticated AI and thats downloadable.

Posted 09:45pm 09/10/03
CS + Podbot = CZ.

Why would you want that?
Posted 01:51am 10/10/03
pfft, yet another crappy addition to the Valve shit heap.
Posted 02:09am 10/10/03
I dont mind CS I guess, but only in extreme moderation. Like chicken salt, or Jim Carrey.


Actually, change "Jim Carey" to "Adam Sandler".
Posted 09:02am 10/10/03
CS:CZ is a singleplayer game, and thats what your paying for.

It does however work with CS 1.6 online (only it has *cough* better *cough* graphics).

So just download 1.6 when it comes out (non-beta) if you dont care about its crappy-looking Single player game.

Also - Holy shite Halo PC is already in the top 10 played games and it only just came out!? Go Halo!
Posted 01:05pm 10/10/03
How can something go gold if it hasn't been released yet?
gold = sales... true?

Hopefully this new version will have the ability to display player tags.
Posted 07:05pm 10/10/03
CS:CZ is playable "CO-OP" which i think will be awesome!

Completing the missions with mates will be great!
Posted 01:08am 11/10/03
No Im just pointing out that the AI thats avaliable in CS CZ is probably avaliable for free normally.


Warning: contains lude suggestions
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