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Friday, 17 July 2015
Post by Joaby @ 11:48am 17/07/15 | 10 Comments

Fallout Shelter is making big money for Bethesda, raking in an estimated $5.1 million since its launch last month. Also it's still not on Android.

Thursday, 16 July 2015
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:52pm 16/07/15 | 0 Comments

This week's throwback takes a look at the Kirby games from Nintendo second party developer HAL Laboratory. A studio that the late visionary Satoru Iwata headed up before becoming the fourth president of Nintendo. A series of games starring a sentient pink puff ball that won't think twice about sucking you up like a vacuum and stealing your life essence. In the cutest way possible, of course.

Post by Joaby @ 12:07pm 16/07/15 | 24 Comments

Cloud Imperium Games, creators of Star Citizen, are causing ripples today with their decision to cancel the pledge of one of their earliest Kickstarter backers.

Post by Joaby @ 10:19am 16/07/15 | 6 Comments

The third chapter in the StarCraft II story is nearly upon us, and from today if you pre-purchase the standalone, Protoss focused finale for the game you can jump in immediately and play both the Prologue and the closed beta multiplayer.

Post by Joaby @ 08:55am 16/07/15 | 5 Comments

Just Cause 2 is a guilty pleasure game, a gorgeous, explosive destruction sandbox with terrible voice-acting and a nonsense story. Just Cause 3 looks like they're going to take the elements everyone loved from JC2, bump them up to 11 and damn the rest of it.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:33pm 15/07/15 | 1 Comments

The latest in a long line of strange bits of Metal Gear Solid V development news, comes a look at the latest version of the game's box art. At a glance it may look identical to what we've seen so far, but it comes with a few subtle and notable changes. First up, the text that reads 'A Hideo Kojima Game' has been removed. Secondly, what looks like the deliberate removal of the Kojima Productions logo.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:02pm 15/07/15 | 0 Comments

Remember Prototype and Prototype 2? The action-adventure open world games where you had superpowers? No? That's fine, we'll try to refresh your memory. After all, that is the job of a newsman. You see, back in 2009 and 2012, superheroes and comic book characters were big business across film, television, and videogames. And the Prototype games were proto-typical of this craze. Ahem. Anyway, something called the Prototype Biohazard Bundle has just been released for Xbox One.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:41pm 15/07/15 | 5 Comments

In a strange bit of news, and following on the heels of a recent delay, comes official word from publisher Deep Silver that Dead Island 2 developer Yager has been dropped. As in let go, handed their walking papers with a note that says something along the lines of 'thanks but no thanks'. Certainly not the best news for an anticipated game release, and clearly one that now puts its entire existence into question.

Post by Joaby @ 12:00pm 15/07/15 | 7 Comments

I'm back with another Video Editorial, this week taking a look at the ultra-popular Rocket League.

Post by Joaby @ 10:24am 15/07/15 | 2 Comments

The SMITE World Championships are taking place January 7-10 next year, and they will include a team from the Oceania qualifying region. On top of that, the Regional Finals for SMITE will take place at PAX Australia, held in Melbourne from October 30 to November 1 this year, and teams will compete for a $50,000 prize pool.

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