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Thursday, 9 June 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:07pm 09/06/16 | 0 Comments

Well, this was unexpected. But certainly more than welcome. With the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a few months away today Square Enix has revealed a new mode within the game that seems to built on providing challenge maps, rooms, and time trials for players to complete and share their performance. But, with so much style and customisation options that it looks like it could be a completely separate game.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:58pm 09/06/16 | 0 Comments

The main open world city-hub in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set in a futuristic version of Prague, and the game begins in the poorer parts of the city where the augmented (Aug) citizens live and are constantly harassed by law enforcement. In a new look at the game developer Eidos Montreal gives us a closer look at the world, some of the quests, and options you'll have when the game launches in a few months time.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:13pm 09/06/16 | 0 Comments

Mobile tie-in games can and often will be throwaway experiences that are fine in short bursts. But with the releases of Lara Croft: GO and more recently Hitman: GO, Square Enix has created a new line of stylish, complimentary, and challenging mobile titles for its hit franchises. And with the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided due later this year Deus Ex: GO has been announced.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:27pm 09/06/16 | 0 Comments

Overnight Warner Bros Interactive and NetherRealm revealed the next instalment in the popular alternate DC universe fighting game Injustice with the aptly titled Injustice 2.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:55am 09/06/16 | 10 Comments

Ahead of this year's E3, Ubisoft has jumped their own gun, *cough* hacking *cough* their own announcements by a few days with a full unveiling of Watch Dogs 2: Enter the Hacker's World. Alongside a new trailer, they also gave up information on the core game, its release date and a number of pre-order options.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:26pm 08/06/16 | 10 Comments

Boy, that didn't take long. We're less than a week away from Bethesda's E3 conference and already we've got word that not only will the publisher be spending a lot of time hyping up the brilliant looking Dishonored 2, that's only just the beginning. Word has it that the publisher will reveal a remastered version of Skyrim for current-gen consoles (mod-support included), a new Wolfenstein, the resurrection of Prey 2, and even another Evil Within.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:07pm 08/06/16 | 1 Comments

Can you feel it? It's headed this way. The biggest gaming hype train of awesome news and reveals ever created. The likes of which you've never seen. That is, since the last one. But then again, no event quite gets people as excited as E3. What new games will be revealed? And will so and so be finally shown in playable form? It's not knowing what to expect that makes it so much fun to watch, and with separate conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Nintendo kicking off next week, we've got all the times and links for you in one neat little package.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:34pm 08/06/16 | 5 Comments

At 2:00 AM AEST at the official Watch Dogs site. That's right, getting in before its annual E3 conference, Ubisoft will provide the first look at Watch Dogs 2 later tonight. Or early tomorrow morning, depending on your daily schedule. In terms of what to expect though, its probably safe to say that we'll be getting a trailer of sorts revealing the setting and main characters in the game. And a possible release date. Some of which we actually already know thanks to a leaked advert.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:15pm 08/06/16 | 0 Comments

With the original XCOM added to Xbox One's list of backwards compatible games in recent weeks many people were left wondering, "If the original got a console release does that mean that an XCOM 2 release is on the cards?" Well, the answer to that is a big fat futuristic alien-infested yes! With XCOM 2 headed to both Xbox One and PS4 on September 9.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:10pm 07/06/16 | 0 Comments

Last E3 Square Enix dropped perhaps the biggest remake news of all time with the announcement that Final Fantasy VII was getting rebuilt from the ground up for modern hardware. And although we haven't heard much from that project since, with an updated look expected at Sony's E3 conference next week, Square Enix has unveiled a brand new Final Fantasy throwback. With the announcement of, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age! Not a remake, but instead a remaster of the 2006 PS2 hit.

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