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Thursday, 12 December 2013
Post by Eorl @ 01:07pm 12/12/13 | 0 Comments
While we may have reported that yesterday Valve had "cancelled" their Frostivus event thanks in part to "the only king that matters", it seems that king is in dire need of your help.

Titled Wraith-Night, the new Christmas event is themed around helping keep alive the Skeleton King, who is "crumbling to dust after too many resurrections." Players will be tasked with surviving through a wave-based game mode, wherein every beast slain will pass along a spark of Wraith Essence flows to the King to keep him alive. Survive until dawn and Valve promises that your crumbling King will be reborn.
Skeleton King is crumbling to dust after too many resurrections. He has staked his hopes on a ritual that can be performed but once in a millennium. On the solstice known as Wraith-Night, auroral powers charge the earth with an eerie glow. Imbued with Wraith Essence, monsters grow in power but heroes gain new strength. You alone can harvest the energy needed to prepare the King for his next coronation. Who knows how he might show his appreciation?

Placed in a trance by his Mage-Physician, Skeleton King rests upon a wintry Altar. All through the longest night, five heroes must defend His Highness from the armies of Wraith-Night. With every beast they slay, a spark of Wraith Essence flows to the King. Survive until dawn, and the King will be reborn in a form more imperishable than bone. May the first rays of the Frostivus sun illumine the newly risen Wraith King!
The updated splash page is filled to the brim with new content, though players of the free-to-play MOBA will find that Skeleton King is sadly unable to be played while in his trance-like state, though don't fret as the more you play, the more you'll come to helping his Second Coronation.

Wraith-Night will bring in unique Phantom Fragments that players will be able to collect in the success of their campaign. Uses these collectables to redeem for lockless reliquaries, said to hold great gifts inside. Want more? Purchase the Wraith King's Favor and you'll find for a limited time your squad earns Shining Fragments in addition to normal Fragments, which can be redeemed for a Wraith-Night Ossuary - a "treasure box containing unique gems and rare, socketed items, or cash in your Shining Fragments toward a recipe to craft a Relic of the Wraith King."

Also coming in the new event is a brand new hero, Legion Commander, who will definitely spice up the battlefield as you fight your way through the waves of beasts. You can find a full list of her abilities at the official splash page.

The previously outed Ranked Matchmaking will also be featured in this new update, as is a number of other additions to the game including new items, friend recruitment, a new Frostivus Crate to unlock and of course much, much more. Check out the full rundown over at the splash page.
Post by Eorl @ 12:07pm 12/12/13 | 4 Comments
If you were a backer for Wasteland 2's Kickstarter, which garnered just under $3 million, today is your lucky day as developer inXile has opened its beta doors to the public according to a new post on their Kickstarter page (thanks Tollaz0r!)

Backers who donated $55 or more can now download the beta and begin playing an early version of the game right this second. Brian Fargo, lead mastermind behind the Wasteland vision and its return, makes point that this an incomplete version of the game, and to expect the usual experience. If you're participating in the beta, there is a detailed process to log bugs and let the development team know how to recreate them and hopefully fix them for the full release.

Those looking to make some cash on the side while they play the beta, which is not under any form of NDA, are happily able to do so confirms inXile in their updated Kickstarter post. This might be in part due to the recent controversy surrounding YouTube taking down certain Content IDs, but it's always nice to get official confirmation from developers and publishers.

"For the Wasteland 2 beta, we are not putting any restrictions on written and video coverage. Feel free to stream the game, produce YouTube videos, blog about it or write articles about it. You’re free to use any revenue programs available, such as the YouTube Partner program. The only thing we ask is that you explicitly mention that this is a backer/early access beta, and not necessarily representative of the final product."
Post by Eorl @ 11:52am 12/12/13 | 2 Comments
Microsoft announced this morning that their new generation Xbox One console has surpassed the 2 million mark for global sales, 18 days after the console launched in 13 markets on November 22. Note that this figure is for "sell-throughs", meaning to the actual customer and not shipments.

"We continue to be humbled and overwhelmed by the positive response from our fans," Xbox Corporate VP of Strategy and Marketing Yusuf Mehdi said in a statement. "We are thrilled to see sales of Xbox One on a record-setting pace, with over 2 million Xbox One consoles in homes around the world.

"Demand is exceeding supply in our 13 launch markets and Xbox One is sold out at most retailers. We're also particularly excited to see consumers engaging in a wide range of games and entertainment experiences on the platform, with more than 1 million paid transactions on Xbox Live to date."

Microsoft has rattled off a number of statistics to help show how big of a number 2 million consoles is, including over 83 million hours in games, TV and apps on the Xbox One. Interestingly this number also indicates that the company aren't that far behind Sony's PlayStation 4, which previously hit its 2 million milestone - specifically 2.1 million - last week, though in significantly more countries.
Post by Eorl @ 11:06am 12/12/13 | 4 Comments
The arena shooter genre hasn't been gaining the most amount of attention in recent times, though it looks like that may change with game designer Cliff Bleszinski looking to create a new first-person arena shooter for Windows PC.

Speaking on popular podcast Pointless (via Polygon), hosted by former Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira, Bleszinski told Pereira that "I have a slide deck, I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I want to do." He also promised that it will be a "PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on, if you know what I'm saying."

When questioned about the genre, Bleszinski said that the game won't be like any tpe of current first-person shooter that is popular these days - "a lot of these kids playing Call of Duty, I don't think they know what a proper arena shooter is," he explained.

Currently it is unclear whether this arena shooter is the same game that Bleszinski was previously teasing on social media sites, though he did reveal that there is currently no development team in place, and that he won't want or need a massive studio. The podcast interview also revealed that Bleszinski won't be going with a traditional publisher-developer arrangement, possibly suggesting a form of crowdfunding like Kickstarter.

"It would require a studio. But as much as I'm impressed with No Man's Sky, you know, that's four people," he pointed out.

"I don't want to work with the old guard, per se," Bleszinski continued. "I'll talk to them, have meetings. But the last thing I need is some mid-level marketing guy telling me that 'well, traditionally, this doesn't sell well, so we're concerned,' and all that. Because they're all rearward-looking, and it just drives me fucking batshit."
Post by Eorl @ 10:19am 12/12/13 | 0 Comments
Ubisoft Montpellier has today announced that their vibrant and manic side-scrolled Rayman Legends will be making the jump across to the new generation of consoles come next year, making it even more multiplatform than it ever was.

Originally announced as a Wii U exclusive before being pushed across to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360, Rayman Legends will now be coming across to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The new ports feature upgraded graphics, reduced load times, and a selection of exclusive costumes on each platform. Xbox One players can access new costumes inspired by Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series and Far Cry 3's Vaas, while PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to a unique Assassin's Creed-themed outfit for Rayman.

Those picking up the Xbox One version will also find 10 additional new challenges and time-limited achievements, while the PlayStation 4 edition features DualShock 4 touchpad support which will get you swiping that touchpad like mad.

Rayman Legends for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be out February 28th, 2014. Check out the trailer below that features the one and only Snoop Dog (or was it Snoop Lion?).

Post by Dan @ 10:15am 12/12/13 | 2 Comments
Along with a new gameplay trailer, Bethesda has today committed to an April 4th 2014 release date for the PC and Mac versions of its forthcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. Although the game is still also coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, console gamers will have to wait a couple of months longer for the less specific 'June 2014' date.

North American pricing has previously been set uniformly at US$59.99 on all platform with a mandatory subscription requesting a further US$14.99/€12.99/£8.99 each month thereafter. Australian-specific pricing has still yet to be confirmed.

With calendars now marked, you can continue getting hyped with this new video. Titled War in Cyrodil the two minute clip is all player versus player action:
In our latest trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online, witness the Alliance War in action as Tamriel's three alliances rally their forces in the heart of Cyrodiil. Are you prepared to face your enemies, conquer their fortifications, and claim the Ruby Throne?
Watch it below.

Post by Dan @ 10:08am 12/12/13 | 0 Comments
If your hopes had been shattered when it was revealed that recent Fallout 4 teaserings were revealed as an elaborate prank, fret not, as new evidence looks to strongly suggest that there is indeed a Fallout sequel in active development at Bethesda.

Kotaku has published leaked documents from casting auditions for a videogame project codenamed Institute. While it doesn't directly name Fallout, it includes several references that seemingly couldn't be anything but a new game set in the popular wasteland, specifically post apocalyptic Boston.

Kotaku claims to have somehow verified the authenticity of the document, and that it reportedly names the same casting director contracted by Bethesda for both Skyrim and Dishonored appears to add further legitimacy.
“War. War never changes,” is the classic introduction used at the beginning of Fallouts 1, 2, and 3. That speech is typically narrated by actor Ron Perlman, although this page seems to suggest that the player-character will read the monologue this time around.

Other documents describe a mission set in the Institute — Fallout‘s post-apocalyptic version of MIT — and references to other Fallout locations that have been mentioned but never shown in other games, like the Commonwealth, which comprises what’s left of Massachusetts.

One character in the documents — who, again, may not show up in the actual game — is named Preston Garvey. One script describes a mission in which Garvey sends you to salvage a fusion core from a museum in the Commonwealth.

The casting documents describe some of the other characters in the next Fallout‘s wasteland, like a radio DJ named Travis Miles and an engineer named Sturges who is described as “a cross between Buddy Holly and Vin Diesel.” Casting calls for both the male and female versions of the player character note that the player begins the game in a cryogenic sleep chamber.

Again, it’s worth noting that these details may have been invented for the casting call, and they may change during development. We also don’t know whether the game will be called Fallout 4, or whether Boston will be the sole setting or just one of many.
Do you want to believe?
Post by Dan @ 08:55am 12/12/13 | 6 Comments
In an update to the official Steam Universe community group Valve has confirmed that they will soon be notifying the lucky 300 users selected to participate in its Steam Machines beta initiative, who will essentially be receiving a free gaming PC to help roadtest its new in-house range of hardware configurations, the innovative Steam Controller, and perhaps most importantly, the hugely ambitious Linux-based SteamOS.

Unfortunately however, logistical issues have purportedly caused them to reneg on the original plan to go worldwide with the beta program, so of the over 950,000 people that joined the Steam Universe Group for a chance to participate, only those located in the USA will now be counted among the 300 chosen to participate:
We’ve had to make the difficult decision to limit our beta to the U.S. only, because of regulatory hurdles. This was not our original plan, and it means we can’t collect beta feedback from Steam customers world-wide, which is pretty unfortunate. All things considered, we’re sure it was the right decision, because the alternative was to delay the whole beta beyond the point when we’d be able to incorporate any feedback into the 2014 products. This decision only affects Valve’s 300 prototype units; the commercial versions of Steam Machines that are for sale in 2014 won’t be affected by this. More information on those will be announced at CES on January 6.
It's not a total bust for us savages outside of the land of the free though, as Valve has also confirmed that SteamOS will be made available for download "when the prototype hardware ships", and that they are "due to leave the factory on Friday"; that's December 13 2013 PST.

Although Steam Machines are being designed with SteamOS in mind, they are still PCs capable of installing Windows like any other, and the SteamOS software can similarly be installed on a regular PC. Valve cautions that general users might want to wait until next year to start trying out SteamOS on their own computers, presumably so they can iron out some of the kinks first, but invites "intrepid Linux hackers" to have at it.

Finally, the update also reminded us that the beta launch of Steam's in-home streaming functionality is due to begin "soon".
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Post by Eorl @ 03:48pm 11/12/13 | 14 Comments
After announcing that their free-to-play MOBA title DOTA 2 would be continuing the celebration of the Christmas season with Frostivus, the game's wintry celebration of gift-giving and wreath-crafting, Valve has once again cancelled this year's Frostivus event before it's even begun.

The news will come like a sack of coal for Christmas, as the official teaser website states that "By decree of the only king that matters, Frostivus is cancelled." Last year, Valve's season-themed update was also cancelled, though it was replaced by another event, The Greeviling, so it looks like we've got a running gag now.

Following yesterday's update where Valve added in the much sought-after ranked matchmacking system, players also noticed that Skeleton King was removed from the game due to "pressing ceremonial reasons." IGN reports that the character's icon was also removed from the top of the Frostivus page. While he may be missing in-game, he does still appear in the Hero Library within DOTA 2, though is not selectable during both hero selection and armoury customisation.

Rumours are swirling the Internet with many beleiving that this removal could be due to the Frostivus cancellation. IGN notes that the "only king that matters" may be hinting at the long-awaited release of the Wraith King, a character whom many suspected would appear at last year's previous Diretide event as a boss.

Other rumours suggest that maybe Skeleton King will be replaced by Wraith King as the "true" king of DOTA 2. Perhaps we'll learn more come tomorrow as Valve ticks over to Day 3 of the holiday event, hopefully giving us an indication of what new features we may find in this year's Diretide event.
Post by Eorl @ 03:29pm 11/12/13 | 9 Comments
Developer Artplant, best known for their work behind the Battlestar Galactica Online MMO, has unleashed their space combat and intergalactic trading MMO Entropy onto Steam Early Access to help satisfy those in need of some space exploring.

Featuring more than 100 star systems to explore, the game is built around offering the player real-time large-scale dog-fights and the chance to take part in Entropy's mining, trading and traveling components. The Early Access offers all of these plus a dynamic mission system to keep you entertained.

Those jumping into Early Access will as usual note that this is a work-in-progess, and you will encounter the usual bugs and crashes among missing content. Artplant plans to release updates approximately every week, with a major update roughly every month. It warns the alpha build suffers from some bugs and features that are still being fleshed out, but it wants feedback.

"We're really excited to finally unveil Entropy to MMO fans; it's an ambitious title for us and we can't wait to see how players react to engaging in player-controlled, intergalactic dogfights for the very first time in a space-based MMO," said Jack Wulf, Chief Executive Officer of Artplant.

"Launching through Steam's Early Access programme will help ensure Entropy connects with its emergent community and utilise crucial feedback from players, enhancing the incredible gameplay experience we're building."

To find out more on Entropy check out the official website, or find it available through Steam starting at $19.99, though it's worth noting that this price covers the cheapest Founder Pack, with two others available at $39.99 and $99.99.

Post by Dan @ 01:00pm 11/12/13 | 0 Comments
The crowdfunding campaign for Scraps, an ambitious multiplayer vehicular combat game being developed as a solo project by New Zealander Bill Borman is nearing its modest NZD$23,000 goal with a week left to go.

Unlike a lot of Kickstarter projects, Scraps has already been greenlit for steam, and boasts a suprisingly playable prototype demo, with Borman seeking the additional capital to help bring the game up to a more retail-worthy state.

The game is described as being inspired by elements of Interstate '76 and LEGO racers, and a desire to combine and push the vehicular combat and construction concepts much further.
I want to be able to build a car that sucks. A car that falls over whenever it corners or only has enough power to fire its guns once a minute. I want each component you place to actually have a function, and have a physical effect. Not to the point of adding needless complexity to the game, like having to wire everything together; just obvious things, like your vehicle being lop-sided if you put all your guns on one side.

All of the above games came out last century. I've been waiting so long for someone to make a game like this that I gave up and I'm making it myself. I'm excited about this project because I finally get to play it.
If that sounds like your thing, watch the trailer below and head over to the Kickstarter page for the full squeeze.

Post by Eorl @ 12:49pm 11/12/13 | 6 Comments
In what could only be described as nausea-inducing and out-of-this-world, UK retailer GAME has taken it upon themselves to help out gamers in need of keeping dinner time short over the Christmas holidays: Christmas Tinner (via DailyMail).

Made up of nine - yes, nine - layers of food ranging from scrambled eggs and bacon to Christmas pudding, the dinner-in-a-can was created by designer Chris Godfrey and costs just £1.99, definitely affordable for those who don't really care what they eat. The idea came about after the gaming retailer found that almost half (43-percent) of gamers in the UK intend to spend the majority of the holidays on their consoles.

The full nine layers, from top to bottom, include scrambled egg and bacon, two mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts with stuffing - or broccoli with stuffing - roast carrots and parsnips and Christmas pudding.

According to the DailyMail, gamers wanting a hotter alternative will find Firebox is selling the Christmas Dinner HotCan that contains a turkey casserole with vegetables, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly. Ingenious and quite possibly an even more nausea-inducing alternative.


Post by Eorl @ 12:08pm 11/12/13 | 2 Comments
Blizzard has gone ahead and greenlit their in-game shop for popular MMO World of Warcraft, allowing players to purchase both pets and mounts without even bothering to leave the game.
You can now browse and purchase a bevy of mounts and pets* from directly within World of Warcraft through our newly added Shop interface. Just click the Shop icon on the menu bar once you’ve logged in to a character, and you’ll be able to pick out a new friend to add to your collection and start your adventures together right away. By combining the best of cutting-edge goblin and gnomish technology, we’ve also made it possible for you to receive your new pal right in your inventory (or via mail if your inventory is full).
Blizzard has also made the decision easier to adopt these cute virtual animals by cutting the prices on select ones by 50% for a limited time. Those in fear of purchasing in-game are still able to utilise the web shop, with the limited time offer available through the shop as well.

Looking for more on these new sales? Check out the official blog post over here.
Post by Eorl @ 11:47am 11/12/13 | 1 Comments
Developer CCP Games has has outlined the latest patch for their console MMO DUST 514, offering up some new weapons for players to shoot their enemies with while also tweaking the way certain vehicles work.

The new update is titled Uprising, and will add in the new Minmatar combat rifle and Caldari rail rifle, both of which join the Gallente assault rifle and Amarr scrambler rifle to bolster New Eden’s armoury. Those wanting the full stats on each of the new weapons can head over to the official blog post.

Among the new weapons is also tweaks to how vehicles handle, including changes to ground vehicle physics, turrets, ability to lock vehicles and more. A dedicated post on the matter can be found here, which includes some handy graph breakdowns on just what CCP are tweaking.

Other additions in the Uprising 1.7 patch include a new Volcanic mood to environments, resulting in areas thick with ash and smoke, where magma and debris rains down from the skies above. Friendly Fire has also been turned on, so careful where you shoot.

Uprising 1.7 is expected to hit servers sometime today, and you can find full patch notes and features over here.
Post by Dan @ 10:34am 11/12/13 | 0 Comments
As promised during its successful Kickstarter campaign, Hairbrained Schemes has now made a DRM-free version of the crowdfunded Shadowrun Returns available by way of
The DRM-free version of the game will continue to be fully supported and you'll be able to download all game patches, use the Shadowrun Returns editor and experience user-generated content downloaded from third-party sites such as Nexus. If you are a Kickstarter Backer or pre-ordered the game, we are happy to send you a GOG key if you contact us at
Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, Shadowrun Returns can currently be had for US$11.99. A DRM-free Linux version is also reportedly coming soon, however as GOG doesn't currently support Linux, it will instead soon be made available on the Humble Store.

The promised expansion Shadowrun: Dragonfall is also expected to be delivered on both GOG and Humble Store when it launches in January 2014.
Post by Eorl @ 10:29am 11/12/13 | 2 Comments
Xbox One users will be finding themselves in need of updating their new gen system later today as Microsoft pushes out the first of many system updates since launching on November 22nd.

While there aren't any major revisions in this patch, the update addresses a number of issues, all of which have been explicitly detailed below:
  • Addresses SmartGlass issues for some users when coming in and out of connected standby
  • Addresses multiplayer issues for some users when re-joining games
  • Addresses issues with inconsistent notifications for some users
  • Addresses dashboard performance for some users
  • Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time
  • Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues for some users
  • According to to Xbox Live program director Larry Hryb, the update will download in the background as early as 11AM AEST, though it could be varied for each individual console. Once the system has downloaded the update, it will power down and require a manual boot to turn back on.

    After you turn your Xbox One back on, the update will take two to five minutes to install. You’ll see the Xbox logo on a green screen while this is happening, so don't be alarmed that it has frozen. Those not using the low power state will have to trigger the update manually, you can manually download and apply this update starting on Thursday, December 12 at 10AM AEST.
    Post by Dan @ 10:27am 11/12/13 | 3 Comments
    If six highly regarded indie games weren't enough to sway you to pay what you want for the latest Humble Bundle, perhaps three more might sway you, as Cities in Motion 2, Orcs Must Die! GOTY Edition and Sanctum Collection have now been added to sweeten the deal, joining Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2 , Magicka (with "Vietnam" and "Dungeons and Daemons" DLC), Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack, Garry’s Mod, and Serious Sam 3: BFE.

    The Humble Jumbo Bundle has now reportedly passed $2million raised, with proceeds split between the game's developers, the Humble Bundle organisers, and several charities at the customers discretion. Head over to for the goods.
    Post by Dan @ 10:15am 11/12/13 | 0 Comments
    Obsidian Entertainment has now officially titled Project Eternity as Pillars of Eternity, celebrating the occasion with the first teaser trailer of atual gameplay. A comprehensive backer web portal has also been launched for the crowdfunded CRPG, serving as a one stop shop for backers to confirm and adjust their pledges and reward options, and for prospective new backers to get on board. Speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Obsidian's Josh Sawyer explained the name in vague spoiler-avoiding manner:
    “It ties into something players will see a lot in the game, even very early on, which are these pillars that are spread all over the wilderness of the Dyrwood, which is the area that they first come into, and also Eir Glanfath, which is the more wilderness-y area of the game. As for why it’s Pillars of Eternity, that’s kind of more of a plot-connected thing. It ties into the specific story, but also how the world works in general. The meaning of it will become clear as people play the game.”
    The RPS article extracts a bunch of interesting new details from the dev team, speaking on the freshly-conceived narrative and setting of the game, and probing some of the features and gameplay mechanics; recommended reading for all keen followers of the game.

    Pillars of Eternity is due in 2014 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

    Tuesday, 10 December 2013
    Post by Eorl @ 04:43pm 10/12/13 | 0 Comments
    Eager Snake fans will be happy to hear that Konami has revealed the official launch date for their upcoming standalone title Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, placing it on March 18th, 2014 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

    The release date was announced along with two trailers and an interview with Hideo Kojima, via Microsoft’s Xbox Wire, which you can check out below. Kojima-san also revealed that the Xbox brand will be gaining an exclusive mission titled ‘Jamais Vu’, which sees a Cuban naval base invaded by body-snatchers with only cyborg-ninja Raiden poised to save the world.

    Konami’s also offered up two new clips that reveal each mission has two difficulty settings that change up AI and enemy aggressiveness, and that this is applicable to the main mission and a variety of ‘Side Ops’ bonus missions. Check out both videos below.

    Post by Eorl @ 04:27pm 10/12/13 | 11 Comments
    The GAP lads are back with yet another instalment of The GAP, their sometimes weekly podcast that covers *mostly* gaming. Here's this week's decription:
    This week on The GAP Luke Lawrie, Joab Gilroy, Heath Dickson, Jae Leong and Jeremy “Junglist” Ray are gearing up for the end of the year with new consoles and working through all them video games. They talk about NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Ryse, Deadlight, Need For Speed: Rivals and more. In the news it’s all about numbers, the WoW film being delayed…again, and Lindsay Lohan being very upset. This episode goes 2 hours and 15 minutes, and it contains coarse language.
    Grab it locally from AusGamers (and unmetered if you're a BigPond customer), by clicking right here. You can also follow The GAP on Facebook to tell them how much you love their snazzy voices or something.
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