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Wednesday, 24 June 2015
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:19pm 24/06/15 | 5 Comments

Blizzard have revealed details about the upcoming Patch 2.3.0 for Diablo III. And much like the recent and pretty hefty 2.2.0 update, this new patch will bring many changes to the game. Good ones too. Like a whole new region to explore called the Ruins of Sescheron and expanding the available Difficulty Levels all the way up to Torment X. As in Torment 10. Diablicous!

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 02:16pm 24/06/15 | 0 Comments

Shadow Warrior 2 from Flying Wild Hog is shaping up to be a seriously must-have game for fans of over-the-top Katana-swinging action, coupled with guns, demons and stunning visuals.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 01:56pm 24/06/15 | 5 Comments

Casual players have been complaining that The Evil Within -- a survival-horror experience designed to keep you at arm's length of triumph, and on the edge of your seat always, is too difficult in casual mode.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:19pm 23/06/15 | 4 Comments

Yeah, that was quick. Following the release of Project Cars last month, developer Slightly Mad Studios have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the follow-up, Project Cars 2, which is set to provide more of everything. Including 'loose surface racing' on dirt, gravel, mud, and snow courses.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:49pm 23/06/15 | 4 Comments

The new Lara Croft adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is headed to Xbox consoles at the end of this year. In a new video demonstrating 15 minutes of Siberian Wilderness gameplay we get a glimpse at Lara's survival skills, watch her make a bow out of everyday forest stuff, and even take on a large angry bear.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:03pm 23/06/15 | 0 Comments

The Creative Assembly is continuing its free content support for Total War: Attila this week, with a new faction arriving alongside an historical battle and the game's latest update.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:32am 23/06/15 | 10 Comments

While Microsoft's 1TB Xbox One console and new controller have been known about for a few weeks, Sony has also revealed an updated 1TB PS4, which also has some new features.

Monday, 22 June 2015
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:09pm 22/06/15 | 11 Comments

Hey, so Fallout 4 is less than five months away. Pretty crazy right? Especially considering we knew little to nothing about the game a month or so ago. Then came that awesome trailer, and then last week a full reveal at E3. Now we know a whole lot about Fallout 4. So such so that we had to pull it all together. Here's everything we know so far.

Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:07pm 22/06/15 | 9 Comments

One of the surprise announcements at Bethesda's first ever pre-E3 press event this year, was the existence of a tablet and smartphone game built around building and managing your own Fallout universe Vault, it was made available on iOS immediately after the presser, but with no Android version in sight.

Friday, 19 June 2015
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:11pm 19/06/15 | 82 Comments

Rocksteady's delays have been more than worth the wait, dear readers, with their alleged Batman development finale, Batman: Arkham Knight emerging from the shadows a triumphant and near-perfect experience.

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