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Moog synthesizer is the google doodle for today
Brisbane, Queensland
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and the whole lot is changeable hours of fun to be had!

Today would have made robert moog 78, and the synthesizer is still played and used by a massively wide list of artists

may as well turn it into a synth music thread

here's mine
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I approve.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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You can play the synth using your computer keyboard FYI.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Beatles were moog pioneers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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fpot, they use an mellotron in that, not a moog, or a synth

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Brisbane, Queensland
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oh snap!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Wow it also includes a 4 track recorder! so very cool.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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google have open sourced the doodle now

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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(sorry started listening to the above song and got provoked into putting up another one :P)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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haha thats cool.

just on synths, Im getting one of these soon:

$170 US

You can do Guitar Hero games on them too.
Need to find a way to connect it to my Strat like a twin neck. lol
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