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The Universe Project - An ambitious take on real life
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Just found this on the usual feeds, a quite ambitious project called The Universe. It basically wants to imitate real life by creating a virtual world that houses our universe, with Earth being the starting planet. Initially it would start off desolate and rich with sources of survival with players beginning the very early life. As players progress they can develop infinite sets of skills ranging from really whatever you want to do.

As you progress, you'll be able to explore more of the world, including the chance to explore the galaxy and what it holds. Apparently it will be to scale of the earth, meaning walking around the entire circumference would take 1 year. It really is quite an ambitious project, one that has seen the light with smaller projects like Darkfall or Second Life but never this big.

Honestly, I think it might be possible if the assets aren't to heavy on servers, but it would be amazing to watch evolve. Seeing people work together as a group or fight it out alone would definitely simulate real world ethics and growth. You could even have crazy people claim the world is going to be destroyed because an ancient race said so.

You can check out the YouTube pre-Kickstarter video below but they do have one screenshot that I found on there Facebook, which obviously looks well under-developed, but that style of art could work well. The developers have mentioned they want it to be 2D/2.5D to begin with, but cross to full 3D later on in development. It will also be cross-platform on multiple devices (mobile, console and PC/Mac/Linux) with every device being able to connect to the world.



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