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Google pre-emptive search funnies
Sydney, New South Wales
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Brisbane, Queensland
10088 posts
f*** google man I am sick of their s***
you know they changed the reviews on google maps to use your full name from google+ or gmail ?
searched my name and it comes up on some sites where a******* have published my address and phone number - each site wants something like $30 a month to take it down.
Then I find out I'm part of a whole bunch of strangers and weirdos google+ circles - who authorised that? My old boss has me on there... wtf...
I am very agitated right now

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Melbourne, Victoria
13629 posts
Maybe tells a story about your search history, nats? Haha

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Sydney, New South Wales
7901 posts
Maybe not, since:

1. just hours ago while trying to fix that forum problem I've cleared my cache and rebooted, and googe is set to not record my history
2. SS was taken by someone else on + but I got the same result :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
6931 posts
i get exactly the same results as natslovr.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1230 posts
A few more similar results as the OP, this is my work computer and when I browse sites I shouldn't be browsing I have incognito mode on.

I like the smell...
Shot at 2012-08-22

Why is my...
Shot at 2012-08-22

I think I may have...
Shot at 2012-08-22
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
15773 posts
Maybe tells a story about your search history, nats? Haha

i get the same as nats.

also try, i like the taste

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Brisbane, Queensland
3114 posts
i get a different result in the search bar

I get something close to nats in google,
pinky in the search bar

colour me wtf?
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Brisbane, Queensland
20473 posts
Maybe tells a story about your search history, nats? Haha

nah it's random.

I was searching for something like "how do I...." and it came up with a bunch of weird s*** (forget what I was actually looking for but I was smashed at the time so chances are I was searching for how to turn on a lightswitch). When I tried it again, it had different results.

edit: looks like depression runs high on the google users

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no you hang up
Brisbane, Queensland
2230 posts
i got all napalm results.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13633 posts
"I think I may have damaged my uterus"

lmao, the mind boggles at what that chick was up to
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Brisbane, Queensland
20475 posts
search for it & find out

edit: wonder no more:
alright, this probably will sound really strange but here goes. i have this fetish about uterus penetration and it turns my boyfriend on too. lately, we've been numbing my cervix with lidocaine injections and then we push small plastic tubing all the way up into the uterus. it has to be pushed pretty hard, and the cervix forms an extremely tight seal around it.

then we put some more lidocaine solution through the tube to numb the entire inside of my uterus. after it's numb we actually pump water into my uterus to expand it. it takes a while, but when we're done it is expanded so much that i literally look about 4 to 5 months pregnant.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1907 posts
hahaha no way. out of control.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2434 posts
what the actual f***.
thats gross?
how does that turn him on as-well?
why not just f*** a fat chick?
just no.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13635 posts
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