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Data Recovery Software
Brisbane, Queensland
8721 posts

I have an external HD that got corrupt (or whatever the proper term is) when I was copying from my old laptop to the HD. The laptop overheated and shut down mid-copy. So when I plug in the external HD it prompts me to format it.

The same thing happened before and a mate of mine recovered the data, but I don't know what he used. I can't use him again to do it :(

So what software is out there that is free or low costs that will get my crap back? I'm happy to pay but not too much as I (hope) it will only be used the once.

I've googled a bit but would rather advice from peeps in the know rather than downloading programs blindly.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3751 posts
I've used Hirens boot cd a couple of times with great success.

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Sydney, New South Wales
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Brisbane, Queensland
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good, cheap, fast

pick 2 out of the 3.

perhaps you should talk to 'your friend' again.

people don't kill people dude.. they wait 20yrs and go to town on you
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linux gparted, you probably just need to fix the partition table
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Brisbane, Queensland
3752 posts
Recuva is on the hirens boot disk, I usually use that and/or diskgenius. It has gparted and mbr fixer on it as well.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
8722 posts
perhaps you should talk to 'your friend' again.

I don't see him that often so I just don't wanna rock up and say 'fix my s***, again'.

I might check out this recuva.

I don't care if I have to pay for it, but not too keen on big $'s considering I'll probably only use it once.
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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Data Rescue 3 for mac
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i use getdataback or rstudio
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