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Mac OS X to work on a PC
Brisbane, Queensland
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I was just wondering if anyone has tried it before and whether or not there were any problems.
I'm building a gaming PC with a friend which I want to use for video editing as well. The editor I use is Final Cut Pro which only works on the OS X operating system, so I was hoping to see if I can get a dual operating system happening so I wouldn't have to buy new editing software. (Which is really expensive!).
Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10285 posts
google 'hackintosh'

You can't just shove a Mac OS X DVD into any old PC and expect it to work like it does on a Mac. Let's face it, given the vast assortment of configurations, you can't put a Windows DVD into any old PC and expect it to work like Mac OS X does on a Mac. Fortunately, many have experimented with Mac OS X on a wide variety of PC hardware and have shared their findings with the world.

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Melbourne, Victoria
3648 posts
Quickest and easiest way would be to install it in a VM. VMWare supports OSX and you can use VMWare Player for free.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10286 posts
For editing and gaming the video performance of VMWare might be unacceptable.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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@thermite Thanks, I'll look into it. Hopefully it's not too complicated.

@tspec I've never heard of VMWare. I'll look into that too. Cheers!
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Brisbane, Queensland
776 posts
I imagine if you're using Final Cut Pro a lot though.... it would be a pretty miserable experience through a virtual machine.

Hackintosh dual booting with windows for games would be your best bet.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3649 posts
For editing and gaming the video performance of VMWare might be unacceptable.

Yeah, I wouldn't use VMWare for gaming I assumed from the OP gaming would probably be done on the Windows OS, video editing is probably a little more suck it and see, if the host PC has a decent CPU and RAM, you can allocate more resources to the VM though it depends how intensive the video editing is, an ssd would also be ideal. I've done some basic video editing on a VM and it was fine but we're only talking snipping bits out of larger videos though this was a windows VM, not OSX.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I think you'd be surprised at the games that would run nicely under vmware, esp with the later versions of workstation.
It's had Direct3D support for more than a few versions now, and the latest release (v9) supports DX9.0c Shader Model 3 and WDDM.

Sure, running any CryEngine or DX10/11 title is going to be about as painful as a kick in the balls, but a lot of games should run fairly well.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10287 posts
I suppose the gaming would just be in windows.

I think the best solution is to change video editing software to a windows one. I know it's hard when you've gotten used to a particular program, but Adobe Premiere is quite similar to Final Cut, as is Avid Media Composer (Avid is the industry standard). There are also many editors available for Windows which are easier to use than all of those popular ones, such as Sony Vegas.

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Brisbane, Queensland
15542 posts
You lost me at buy software.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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why not buy a mac and use bootcamp for games?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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My brother runs a hackintosh and the cost savings are massive for a faster spec'd machine.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3262 posts
i thought mac OS X only supported PC hardware now

(being that mac hardware is long dead and unsupported)

i do vaguely remember apple coming down hard on some peeps running apple OS's on non apple products tho,
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Brisbane, Queensland
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final cut pro is only 300. not *really* expensive. i love it on the 27" mac
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Sydney, New South Wales
7950 posts
I thought you needed to hack osx to make it run on a vm
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Brisbane, Queensland
9 posts
I checked into VMware and it seems that a lot of people struggle to get FCP to work well with it, so I think I might just pass on that idea. I forsee too many headaches.
The hackintosh idea sounds like a good one, but I don't think I'm computer savvy enough to pull it off. =(
Again, I forsee headaches.

I'm seriously considering just biting the bullet and getting Premier Pro. At least I know it will work and I wont be tormented by random issues I have no idea how to deal with.
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