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Retrieving old IP configuration from a HDD
Brisbane, Queensland
7675 posts

So I've got a dead computer, HDD is fine.

New system is in place and I am trying to get this old school proprietary POS software working again.

In an attempt to work out how the f*** it works I am thinking it might be a start to specify the same IP it had, any easy way to determine this from the old drive which I've got plugged in atm?
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Sydney, New South Wales
3471 posts
And the OS is?
09:22am 04/04/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2717 posts
didn't try just booting into it ?
not sure if a hardware independent restore (to get the drive functioning on different hardware) would probably drop network drivers and therefore any network settings that were saved...

try and get lucky booting the drive off a similarly aged mainboard
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Brisbane, Queensland
7677 posts
Sorry XP-P

Don't have any hardware that old :|
09:28am 04/04/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
807 posts

You need to get access to the registry. XP they are stored in "C:\%windir%\System32\Config" or something. Not sure what tool you need to load those files up to get access to them being a security issue and all ;)
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