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How to monitor application's network traffic
Sydney, New South Wales
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i have an application (iphone app) that I want to review what it sends and receives with the internet.
What's the best way to do that? 
I know that I'm assuming it's not complicated or secure.
By review I mean dump all its traffic to a file on my pc.  My network is some wireless routers that have my BoB modem as their internet gateway.  I could easily point the wireless router to go through my pc as a gateway, but apart from directing the traffic to my pc I don't what program to use to capture the traffic on to my disk.  Is this what wireshark's used for?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Putting your PC in the middle would make it easy to capture the traffic you want. Wireshark can capture what you're after. Several layers of NAT won't be a problem.

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If its wireless, you could try Wireshark (packet sniffer) and make sure its running in promiscuous mode (capture packets on the network even if they are not destined for you).

This should work for wireless (as your wireless card would just pick the data up from the air) but if your PC is wired it wont pick the data up (as your router wont forward the iphone packets to you in the first place).
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If the iphone is sending all its data over its wireless interface, you can just run wireshark on any machine with a wireless interface.

Just ensure theres no other devices chatting on the same network to make things simpler (though you can just filter it anyways).

There are some mac capturing programs (macsniffer, or something?) and ethereal can be built on mac os x too, but I don't know if any of that stuff has been ported to iphone.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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pcap + wireshark +1

Icey you would be thinking of KisMAC

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Also you may find it easier with a network hub (not a switch) to an ap and then have a host running off the hub which has wireshark installed.

Taps are hell expensive I have always wanted one though
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Wouldn't it be great if our little network switches had reporting software like this build in. How hard could it be for them?
I'd just love a simple log of per device usage.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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How hard could it be for them?

Not hard, but then how are they gonna sell their enterpise stuff if the home stuff can do it?
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