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1991 Toyota Hilux [Build Thread]
Brisbane, Queensland
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Here I have a 1991 Toyota Hilux

I purchased this MAAAAAAD! beast from a....well lets say shady individual from Nerang, Gold Coast.
The reason he was selling it was that he did not have the money to fix it, and his parents told him to fix or F$%k it off their front lawn.
The condition it was in was pretty bad, sitting in the weather for 6 months, quite a big dent on the passenger side of the tub, the engine was ceased, the tub had a bit of rust and the paint had gone all chalky.
I could see that this would be a bit of work to get RWC.

How much? $600. I felt this was pretty reasonable for the condition it was in, the cost of $200 for getting it towed back to mine and the fact that it is a Dual cab style side.

At the Previous owner's house

It looked quite trashy, so when I got it back to mine, I hit it with High-pressure cleaner and went over it fully.
Structurally the Ute was great. Nothing wrong with the chassis,no rust or any signs of a smash.

Back at my place
img src= "" />

Front after a bath

Rust in Tray

After I cleaned the Ute, Priority was to get rid of that rust and find a new engine!

After rust remover and sanding.


]I hit the tray with some Fridge white,and tried to attempt at bogging the dent.

After removing the old 22r, A few problems appeared.
The radiator had massive corrosion, the headers were cracked, the dizzie was stuffed and the exhaust had quite a number of holes.
I sourced a 22r from old fellow out at laidely for $300, It was a 22r with 118k kms from a surf, which meant swapping the sump over. He had quite a few spares which he generously gave me for FREE!
A bunch of radiator hose, fuel lines, washer bottle, belts and a new radiator fan housing. He also gave me a front bar from an 04 Hilux which I might put on.

[04 Hilux Bar

Taking the old engine out and putting the new one in, with the help of a few mates and my dad took about 4 hours. The following day we got spark, and got it to turn over, but it just wouldn't run.

I sourced a Radiator from ebay for $200 including shipping from Melbourne and whacked that in before work on a Saturday.

Weeks went buy where I couldn't find figure out why it wouldn't run.

New Engine

I was convinced that it was a electrical problem so I called in my mechanic. He is one of those guys that would just touch a car and it would work. He told me that the electrical was fine. That we were not getting fuel. He narrowed it down to the fuel pump. So I duct down to our local auto spares, picked up a new Fuel pump for $90, whacked it in and bang! IT WAS ALIVE!

Duct Tape air box pipe special Edition

This is were I am currently.
For my Hilux to be road worthy I need,
Paint Everything BLAAAAAAAACK!

New Tyres x 4
To be continued!
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