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S.H.I.E.L.D - New Joss Whedon TV Series
Brisbane, Queensland
10357 posts
ABC has given the green light for a TV pilot set in the Marvel universe. It focuses on the organisation led by Samuel L Jackson in the films.


Whedon is on board to direct the pilot, and if it is turned into a series he will produce the show and co-write it.

So far the pilot stars Ming-Na Wen (Stargate, Eureka) as Melinda May, and Clark Gregg reprising his role as Agent Phil Coulson.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13087 posts
Joss Whedon you say, this is now on my Radar.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16080 posts
hope it's good. it may have a chance since it's not on fox.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20072 posts
So I'm assuming since it has Clark Gregg in it, its pre-Avengers?
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Brisbane, Queensland
713 posts
hope it's good. it may have a chance since it's not on fox.

Joss and Fox do not go well together
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joss whedon eh, is it pre-cancelled?
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Perth, Western Australia
70 posts
joss whedon eh, is it pre-cancelled?

Gold...Situation has changed i'd say.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13781 posts
joss whedon eh, is it pre-cancelled?

Haha, good work.
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Cairns, Queensland
12979 posts
joss whedon eh, is it pre-cancelled?

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no you hang up
Brisbane, Queensland
2308 posts
Yay. Another Joss Whedon fail? Cabin in the woods was awesome,as is the Toy Story screenplay, but T.V wise, he has split consistency imo.
Buffy does nothing for me. Same category as Xena & Hercules. Yet i quite enjoyed Dollhouse. I had no time for Firefly so he is due to impress. Marvel universe is a good start :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
16086 posts
buffy > angel > firefly > dollhouse imo.
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With "How I met Your Mother" supposedly due to finish this season Cobie Smulders could jump in to this as Maria Hill.

Contract her for this and the movies and they can keep the same actor playing the same character rather than needing to recast. Plus it would be another link between them.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13783 posts
I enjoyed 'Cabin in the Woods' too - quite different, definitely worth a look.
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