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ATX Molex to SATA power? Where to buy?
Brisbane, Queensland
7524 posts
Hey guys, I upgraded my computer and got a new DVD burner, and I've run out of Sata power connectors.

Does anyone know where I can get something like this? I could get it from Amazon for $1 apparently, but ordering this online seems like a waste.


Failing that I'll need a new power supply - but I've never specifically bought one that wasn't with the case. How do I know it will fit in my case, and that it has all the connectors I need for SATA and my beefy gfx card?
Any recommendations?
Doesn't seem worth it though if you can just cables like that for a couple bucks.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10440 posts
I made one of these the other day because I needed one in a hurry, but I eventually replaced it with a umart job ($10)
they sell 1 x Molex - 2 x Sata power and vice versa

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Melbourne, Victoria
9602 posts
I can chop a brother out, PM me your addy I'll post one from my boxes and boxes of useless s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7525 posts
I can't find it on umart's site :/
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Brisbane, Queensland
7526 posts
awesome thanks

found one even cheaper in the same section
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Brisbane, Queensland
18218 posts
I have one, don't need it. U want?

1 molex in -> 2 SATA power out

edit: infact I've got more than 1. I've also got a couple of 1 molex -> 1 SATA power.
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Melbourne, Victoria
5200 posts
Any computer store, or dealextreme if you don't need it like tomorrow.
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