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Anyone interested in playing gridiron this year?
Brisbane, Queensland
1383 posts
Hey guys, I mentioned last year that I was going to start playing gridiron (and I did). I had an absolute blast and even with a bunch of injuries, still enjoyed it enough to want to come back again this year.

So, I just thought I'd put the word out (especially since tomorrow is the Superbowl) to see if anyone was interested in coming along and having a look. We're doing an informal barbecue on the 17th and tossing a football around and it'd be a good chance to come and meet some of the other guys and see what it's about.

If you're interested, let me know. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8758 posts
Are all the teams/positions combined?

I've been dying to play CB/S, but I couldn't risk being banged up regularly playing offense or defensive line/LB positions.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1384 posts
It's not 100% restricted positions as in, if you're playing CB/S you *may* be asked to play wide receiver/tight end etc if it's absolutely necessary, but there's no way in hell you'd be asked to play on the line or as a line backer (unless you're 6'2+ and 130kgs+)
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Brisbane, Queensland
7452 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
3379 posts
Yeah im interested. Live @ north lakes. I work weekends - problem? Also, im still studying so finances are restricted.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1756 posts
i'd be keen, but i'm not in aus any more. a mate of mine got into it last year also, and i was keen to have a run around as a WR and maybe P (i grew up playing aussie rules) but alas, i am travelling! have fun!
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
2362 posts
I read this on a mates facebook today:

"I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about NFL today apart from the fact that they are juiced up pussies who wear alot of protection and throw heaps of forward passes."

I don't want to flame this thread as I enjoy watching the game. Just found the comment mildy funny.

Have fun kiddies.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7887 posts
Haha Davo you sound like the perfect fit
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Melbourne, Victoria
892 posts
I played for about 4-5 years. Highly recommend. I'd still be playing if I didn't have a bad hip (not sport related).
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Brisbane, Queensland
9929 posts
Bit old to trying it now. It is something I wish I had done years ago.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7158 posts
go 49ers
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Brisbane, Queensland
3382 posts
Haha Davo you sound like the perfect fit

Thanks bro.

Played soccer and tennis for a few years as a kid but never tried anything physical as i was always a skinny motherf*****. Now that ive gotten bigger, ive always wanted to try a contact sport. Problem is ive been training for max size and strength for a few years now with zero focus on endurance so fitness is s***.

Went thru a Madden stage a few years ago and i also watch NFL games occasionally but i really know very little about the sport.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9849 posts
san francisco coming back after lights went out.

I saw some games on sat nights at Shaw Rd Kedron/Wooloowin.
How many Brisbane teams are there ?
where else do they play ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
7159 posts
pretty amazing that they lost power, people would have been freaking the hell out.

Gooooooooooo SF with the late game hail mary!
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Brisbane, Queensland
7160 posts

pretty s***** game overall.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1541 posts
Pretty amazing game reload - over 60 points score & it came right down to the wire. What else did you want (apart from a SF victory)?

Go Ravens - Ed gets a ring, Ray retires @ the top & Flacco puts a stop to the people who think he's not elite.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20992 posts
yeah I thought it was an awesome game....
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4536 posts
I played 8 seasons in the Brisbane leagues. What team are you with Gest?
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Brisbane, Queensland
21295 posts
Bit old to trying it now. It is something I wish I had done years ago.

Played it in highschool, was a pain in the ass putting all the padding on. Was more fun playing tackle footy at lunch when teach wasn't lookin.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9930 posts
pretty s***** game overall.

Really ? you thought that ?

It was in the balance until under 2 minutes. imo Great game.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7162 posts
sf win & a justin timberlake nip slip

ravens played great though
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Brisbane, Queensland
1385 posts
Apologies for taking so long to reply.

DeadlyDav0, If you're in North Lakes, then the best team for you would probably be Northside Rhinos (they train at Shaw Park, Wooloowin). However, if they're like us, they'll be training 2 nights a week for c~2.5-3 hours a night. Also, it's roughly $600 membership a year. Definitely worth having a look if you've got the time and funds for it though.

Sleepy, I used to think the same thing, then I met the other guys on my team and played for a season ;) As an example, the average height on our offensive line (where I play), is 6'5 and about 140kg.

FaceMan, there are a number of places around Brisbane that we play. There are 9 teams in the comp, ranging from the Gold Coast to Toowoomba, to the Bayside and north to the Sunshine Coast.

E.T., I play for the Southside Wildcats. Apparently they had (have?) a bit of a poor reputation a while ago, but we're trying pretty bloody hard to turn that around. Still not really sure what the cause of that was though...
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1187 posts
I've played and Coached and helped create the Toowoomba Wolves team.

The sport is NOT for pussies. It's f*****g brutal. Anyone that says "they wear armour" etc - put it on and see what happens

I all ways laugh at the uneducated opinions of people :)

Get into it, give it a go, be prepared to get smashed and give a fair bit of smashing out !

Every play, every one gets hit. It's not too many other sports...
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Brisbane, Queensland
9854 posts
the few times Ive saw a bit of the games at Shaw Rd Sports theyve been pretty serious.
Like you can hear the hits a long way away.

I guess its the protective gear/helpmets
Then you get the chants they do.
actually the atmosphere is very different ot League/union.
You ahve a lot of action on the sidelines as defense and offense move on and off.
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4538 posts
I used to train down at Shaw Park with the Rhinos. That was a few years ago now though. These days, I'm one of the Ghosts of Gridiron that play the charity bowl once a year and that's about it. I missed last years game but got a nice TD the year before.

Some of my friends still play and have been going since about 1989. I dont have the size to be able to keep it up. The young guys are just too damn fast and hot too damn hard for me these days :)

Gest. I dont know why the Wildcats had a bad rep. Plenty of my friends would know though. Ex president of the league ect.

Exalt, do you a guy by the nick of Rambo (S Ramsay) that played up there?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3393 posts
Thanks for the update Ges. Too much time for me ATM, final semester of study so cant risk falling behind. Hopefully 2014 once im qualified and working rather than study.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11815 posts

I love watching gridiron. Playing it not so much, I would love to but to be honest recreational spine damage doesn't interest me in any sport unless I was going pro :D
I'm not going to pretend that I know anything about NFL today apart from the fact that they are juiced up pussies who wear alot of protection and throw heaps of forward passes.
For me I like the discipline involved in gridiron and the strategy. It is something that is completely lacking in sports like rugby league (or maybe I'm missing something?).
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Brisbane, Queensland
17777 posts
Yeah you are missing something
11:09am 06/02/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7164 posts
although a cutout and switch is considered a pretty mindblowing set play in league ;p
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Brisbane, Queensland
1387 posts

Just thought I'd bump this thread to let people know that if you're interested, we have our sign-on day today at Meakin Park, 200 Queens Rd, Slacks Creek.

If you're interested in playing, come down and have a look. Sign-on is going until 2pm. If you just want to ask questions or check it out, feel free to come down and say hi. I'll be the big guy behind the laptop.
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4588 posts
Rhino's will crush you :p
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Brisbane, Queensland
598 posts
Nice, I've always wanted to give it a crack but I enjoy ice hockey too much.. Plus the cost of the gear is enough to keep me from trying Grid Iron! (especially if you are a goalie)
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Brisbane, Queensland
1388 posts
Nice, I've always wanted to give it a crack but I enjoy ice hockey too much.. Plus the cost of the gear is enough to keep me from trying Grid Iron! (especially if you are a goalie)

Yeah, that's the thing, we provide gear to our players :)
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36890 posts
I've always wanted to but like Obes fear I am too old and crusty now. Playing footy a few times a week leaves me creaking and I don't know if I could stand up to the hits.
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Melbourne, Victoria
552 posts
Skelton's still running the Wildcats ?
01:51pm 16/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1389 posts
Trog: You're not that much older than me and there are guys almost a decade older who still play.

Keato: Nope, the Skeltons finished up with the Wildcats last year.
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