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Train punches a hole through the Cleveland station
Brisbane, Queensland
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Trains on the Cleveland line are suspended Murarrie to Cleveland due to a train incident at Cleveland train station. Buses are replacing trains in the area. Customers should expect delays of up to 60 minutes.

For those trying to work out the photo, it's an end of line station and the choo choo wanted to keep choo chooing
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Man they speak their own language there

"No are no screams of pain, it went very quiet after the crash," Mr Hartley said.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Derailing a train like that looks like an impressive feat.
Fast enough to come off the tracks, slow enough to just wedge itself into the building and not do the whole concertina thing.

Edit: Ahh, I get it now, I've never been to Cleveland station before.
Google maps shows a building right after the stopper at the end of the line and he's just ploughed straight through into it. It would sound like a bad idea to put a building there in case something like this happens, but perhaps better to hit the building than go straight into road traffic behind it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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