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Company of Heroes 2: Debut Gameplay Trailer
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Brisbane, Queensland
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As promised, THQ has released the first full gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2, the upcoming RTS sequel from Relic Entertainment (thanks Mordecai). The clip offers a good look at the game's attention to detail, and previous some of the gameplay-affecting terrain deformation techniques.
Relic Entertainment and THQ take you to the Eastern Front to experience the brutal cold of war. With ColdTech presenting winter warfare in unprecedented fidelity, the RTS genre will never be the same again.
Watch the trailer below.

Company of Heroes 2 is due on PC in March 2013.

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Sydney, New South Wales
149 posts
I would hardly call this a gameplay trailer, more of just a trailer of the in-game engine.
04:44pm 30/11/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19295 posts
looks so awesome
06:23pm 30/11/12 Permalink
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Looks awesome. I should play CoH again soon. Would be cool to have a game with CoH engine and tech with WoT tanks. That would be sweet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6999 posts
while I'm sure the game will be awesome those graphics look pretty f*****g dated, it still looks like dawn of war. what the hell man?
03:16am 01/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
178 posts
looks like more of the same from the original COH? with ice ? im sure ill donate plenty of hours to this either way !
12:08pm 02/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Dan: we need the old crew back for lunchtime CoH awesomeness!
05:24pm 02/12/12 Permalink
10161 posts
Played this game a few months ago and can confirm the graphics just look like coh1 in snow. As long as the multiplayer is awesome I don't mind
11:36pm 02/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19300 posts
there are some serious problems in coh at the moment with aoe weapons (esp stukas and hummel). they need to figure out these balances issues for next time round.
12:35am 03/12/12 Permalink
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I'm hoping they have put a great deal of thought into multiplayer. Coh1 felt like it catered to comp stompers and choke point map players rather than 1v1 and 2v2 Vic point games with balance
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