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iMessage Issues?
Brisbane, Queensland
2870 posts
Hey everyone,

Noticed today with a few clients and such that iMessage for iPhone doesnt appear to be working, perhaps the servers are down or some such?

Anyone else noticed this or is it working for you?
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09:13pm 19/11/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
20242 posts
The issue is its an iPhone LOL
09:39pm 19/11/12 Permalink
2343 posts
Isn't the point of iOS messaging to send a message the best/cheapest way possible?

ie. if the iMessage servers are unavailable does it just transparently send the message by SMS instead? (where possible of course)
10:21pm 19/11/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2871 posts
Well their update is wrong because its not working lol
Maybe they disabled it so they can bring it out as a new unseen product. We all know apple are tops are reinventing the wheel
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Brisbane, Queensland
1703 posts
I recently switched to a galaxy s3 and now sometimes I don't get sms from users with iPhones because it seems like iMessage still sends this to my iPhone. When I turn the iPhone on I see a bunch of texts.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3424 posts
you're clearly at fault, the phone works as it should,

maybe you holding it wrong (isn't that the standard apple reply??)
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