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Painting/treating a rusty roof
Brisbane, Queensland
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So our corrugated iron roof has quite a few rust patches in it. It’s not hardcore flakey rust, and they aren’t huge areas, but there are quite a few of them.
It had some work done on it around 10 years ago (according to our neighbours) and it appears as though it was painted with an oil based paint which is now powdery and the rust is coming though. As to treating/painting this rust, I have been given conflicting advice from a few sources.

Mitre 10: Wire brush rust, rust converter, wash off rust converter, paint.
Bunnings: remove rust by sanding, spot prime, paint
Dulux trade centre: wire brush rust, rust convert, spot prime, paint
Dulux customer technical assistance hotline: pressure clean roof, remove rust by sanding, spot prime within 4 hours, put a sealer/binder paint on unprimed roof, 2 top coats.

So as you can see we have a number of variations. The Dulux technical assistance said if I used rust converter the job would last around 2 years, Bunnings said if I used rust converter it would make the roof slippery and pait wouldn’t stick.

So, has anyone here actually successfully painted/treated a corrugated iron roof and want to add their 2c into the mix. Depending on what method I use affects cost and effort, however the cost of me doing any of those things is fairly insignificant compared to getting a new roof.

Edit: Forgot to add what I have done so far.

So far I have tried putting rust converter on it (Plus converter and primer) and pressure washing the roof. Looks like the rust converter didn't do a lot. Its really watery and sort of just flows off the ridges of the roof (where most of the rust is) so it probably can't get enough volume of converter in the one spot to do its thing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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mitre 10 sounds like exactly what my old man did to my rusty stairs
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Killrust Roof Paint

* A high quality, anti-corrosive roof paint
* Specially formulated to protect exterior roof and structural surfaces
* For use on primed, galvanised iron, pre-coated steel roof surfaces including areas used for the collection of drinking water
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I would ignore Bunnings as I would assume it was just advice from whoever happened to be working in the area at the time.

I did a rusty roof about 15 years ago but can't really remember, I think it was along the lines of Mitre 10. The roof is all rusty again but at least it put some longer life into the tin.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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the rust converter is only slipery when it is painted over the existing paint (goes kind of white), if you apply it to only the bare metal of the sanded/brushed rusted areas you shouldent have a problem. also, im guessing the conflicting advice about priming might have somthing to do with rust guard paint? which i'm pretty sure dosent need a primer
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What I think I had already come to the conclusion is that there are at least 3 steps:

1. Surface preparation: Rust convert or mechanical removal of rust or maybe mechanical removal of rust with some other random coat
2. Prime
3. Topcoat

And then possibly a different primer over the existing paint.

The bunnings guy was kinda strange and intense but he did really seem into and enthusiastic about painting.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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remove rust with an angle grinder and wire buffing wheel.. use glasses and face shield though, as the wires can fling off and stab you in da face!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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+1 for mitre10

Mitre 10: Wire brush rust, rust converter, wash off rust converter, paint.

except you want a wire broom basically, a big one - otherwise you're going to be there for a week
rust converter is great s***, cheap as chips and does what it says
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