to the moon, athena
AusGamers caught up with 2K Australia and Randy Pitchford to discuss the recently revealed Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and why Australia is making an impact on the moon. Click for more!
Welcome to Planet Nexus
We take a brief dip in the MMO pool with Carbine Studios' WildStar, and find out just what Planet Nexus has in store for us. Check it out in our preview for more!
oracle of ages
Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be Rocksteady's final in the Arkham series, so it's fitting that it's just so damn big. And Batmobiles. Nuff said. Click for more!
Death Awaits!
It's finally here - has Blizzard managed to deliver on a series promise with Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls? We answer that question in great detail in our in-depth review!
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Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Launch Trailer New! 16-04-14 19.4MB 0
War of the Vikings Launch Trailer New! 16-04-14 38.4MB 1
Soul Sacrifice: Delta "PS Vita Western Release" Trailer New! 16-04-14 43.9MB 1
Severed Announcement Trailer New! 16-04-14 18MB 1
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare "Zomboss Down" DLC Trailer New! 16-04-14 39.3MB 0
Hazard Ops Announcement Trailer New! 16-04-14 32.2MB 1
Freedom Wars "Western Release Announcement" Trailer New! 16-04-14 35.2MB 0
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer New! 16-04-14 204.9MB 0
Cult of the Wind "Steam Greenlight" Trailer New! 16-04-14 41.1MB 1
Civilization: Beyond Earth Announcement Trailer New! 16-04-14 25.6MB 3
Child of Light "Lemuria" Trailer New! 16-04-14 267MB 0
Blood Bowl 2 "First Match" Trailer New! 16-04-14 36.4MB 0
Watch Dogs "Nvidia Technology" Trailer 11-04-14 71.2MB 40
Trials: Frontier Launch Trailer 11-04-14 42.8MB 3
The Last of Us: Remastered Gameplay Trailer 11-04-14 16.8MB 12
Super Smash Bros. "Charizard and Greninja" Reveal Trailer 11-04-14 67.2MB 10
Orcs Must Die! Unchained Teaser Trailer 11-04-14 10.7MB 4
Kinect Sports: Rivals Launch Trailer 11-04-14 37.8MB 2
InFamous: Second Son "Inside Sucker Punch: 2D Cinematics" Video 11-04-14 27.2MB 3
The Evil Within "It Will Live" Gameplay Trailer 11-04-14 314.8MB 10
Dragon Fin Soup Alpha Gameplay Trailer #2 11-04-14 510.2MB 1
Cult County Gameplay Trailer 11-04-14 74.3MB 0
Citizens of Earth Gameplay Trailer 11-04-14 8.9MB 2
Child of Light "The Making Of: Sound and Artistic" Video 11-04-14 88.1MB 0
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gameplay Trailer 11-04-14 83.3MB 10
ArcheAge Alpha Trailer 11-04-14 27MB 4
Silicion Studio "Rendering Engine Tech Demo" Video 08-04-14 29.9MB 11
NVIDIA Project SHIELD "April Update" Trailer 08-04-14 33.9MB 7
NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Fourth Mizukage Gameplay Trailer #3 08-04-14 99.2MB 5
MLB 14 The Show "The Cathedrals Are Better on PlayStation 4" Video 08-04-14 57.9MB 6
EA Sports UFC "Bruce Lee" Trailer 08-04-14 42.7MB 6
Child of Light "The Art of Yoshitake Amano" Video 08-04-14 30.8MB 1
Bound by Flame PlayStation 4 Gameplay Trailer #2 08-04-14 64.6MB 4
Black Desert "Character Creation" Video 08-04-14 38.9MB 2
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure "Pre-Order" Video 04-04-14 13.7MB 4
SOMA "Lambda" Gameplay Trailer 04-04-14 41.8MB 66
Monument Valley Launch Trailer 04-04-14 11.8MB 8
Monument Valley Behind the Scenes Video 04-04-14 89.6MB 4
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor "Banished From Death" Story Trailer 04-04-14 224MB 19
Mario Kart 8 "New Tracks and Items" Trailer 04-04-14 35.6MB 8
Kirby Tripple Deluxe Gameplay Trailer #2 04-04-14 17MB 4
Don't Starve: Reign of Giants "Giant Steps" Trailer 04-04-14 17.6MB 15
Divinity: Original Sin "Beta Announcement" Trailer 04-04-14 20MB 2
Daylight "Somebodys Watching" Trailer 04-04-14 10.4MB 12
Child of Light PlayStation 4 Gameplay Trailer 04-04-14 458.3MB 3
Amazon "Fire TV" Sneak Peek Trailer 04-04-14 39MB 5
Alien: Isolation "Dev Diary #2: The Sound of Alien Isolation" Video 04-04-14 28.2MB 7
Abyss Odyssey "Enemy Bauta" Trailer 04-04-14 41.9MB 2
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: Deluxe Edition Launch Trailer 02-04-14 30.2MB 7
Xbox One "TV on Xbox: Upcoming Features" Video 02-04-14 55.3MB 10
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