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Summary: Legend of Silkroad Client v1.0.333
Date: 12 May 14
Filename: LOS_SetupEN_v1.0.333.exe
Size: 2GB (2,110,489,435 bytes)
Downloads: 308
Last Download: 1 days ago
More info:
China held supremacy of Silk Road and occupied most benefit from the Silk Road by BC 100.
In that time, Forbidden skill in Chinese legend had been started to spread to the noblesse of Persia and Rome.
Following the Legend, Forbidden skill has great power that can conquer the world. Persia and Rome were uprising to wear the One Crown of Silk Road with the legendary skill.
Who will wear the Crown in the Age of Chaos?

The Legendary Forbidden Skill has great power that can destroy all of the world.
Persia, Rome and China had best their efforts to obtain the Forbidden Skill because they know that only the Skill is the key to hold supremacy of Silk Road.
Finally, they found that Magic Stone is the core to solve the Forbidden Skill and sent many people to achieve it. Even merchants were conscripted either.
In the result of that, big trade caravans who collect and carry the stone were spring up in 3 Kingdoms.
With the caravan, thieves who want to retrieve the Magic Stone from merchants and caravan also was spring up in everywhere of Silk Road.
In order to protect the stone, 3 Kingdoms sent may hunters to protect their merchants and caravan against the thieves. The trade war had begun finally.

3 Kingdoms had never allowed to have magic stone in private, because of its power and importance.
Only authorized organization and person can mine and study it.
To get more magic stone, 3 Kingdom sent more merchants and bigger merchant group to more diggings in Silk Road.
In hence, there were many battles to occupy diggings between 3 Kingdoms in many places of Silk Road.

One who takes Forbidden Skill, can occupy the world with summoned Devils from Hell and death angels from heaven.
And many Alchemists failed to control power of the skill’s darkness, and in the result of that, many monsters came from hell.
At the same time, many people of the 3 Kingdoms had addicted to study power of darkness.
Who will be the One who can quash darkness with Forbidden Skill and get the One Crown of the world?
MD5 Sum: e130d9e87b7ce9388f82ffcb15cb71ee
SHA1 Sum: 5f9d8aed2887a0a0a99711559f952aeb19974bd2


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