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Summary: DarthMod Patch 4.2 Mod for Total War: Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai
Date: 20 Jul 12
Filename: DarthMod_Shogun_II_v42.exe
Size: 399.2MB (418,582,080 bytes)
Downloads: 154
Last Download: 18 days ago
More info:
This patch upgrades the DarthMod Shogun mod to be compatible with the latest official patch and FotS offering you the rightful challenge and realism.

First install DarthMod: Shogun II v3.4 then install this patch which makes the mod playable after the latest official patch of Creative Assembly and the new game Fall of the Samurai.
Latest changelog

Special new in v4.0

Bayonets are finally available thanks to the mod of IGdood and kungfuserge. This original mod can be found here: .
DarthMod has used this mod's technique to enable Bayonets and balanced the stats accordingly. Now you can enable Bayonets in the Boost options of the Launcher for the following units:
Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
Infaderie de Marine
Republican Guard Infantry
Royal Marines
Shogunate Guard Infantry
United States Marines
Garrison Infantry
Light Sharpshooters
Light Yugekitai
Azure Dragon Force
Black Tortoise Infantry
Imperial Infantry
Line Infantry
Line Republican Infantry
Line Shogunate Infantry
Line Vermillion Bird Force
Militia Levy Infantry

By enabling bayonets you give to these units special anti-cavalry/defence properties and a slight attack penalty. The only glitch is that in combat animation the rifle/musket is slightly mispositioned between the hands. If you want to revert to vanilla Katana/Sword melee fashion of the original game, you can do it anytime without spoiling your campaign save.
Some elite units can now form squares:
Elite Imperial Guard Infantry
Infaderie de Marine
Republican Guard Infantry
Royal Marines
United States Marines
Imperial Infantry
Line Republican Infantry
The following units now have mass fire (fire all together and not only the first rank):
Matchlock Kachi
Light Sharphooters
Tosa Riflemen
Light Yugekitai
Included the special CAI File that was removed from version 3.4 because of incompatibilties with the official patch. Now the major clans, like Oda, will have more survival/prevail chances and the Ashikaga Boost options works 100% as it is intended. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
Included the special character bonuses files that give +3 Skills to generals, special character bonuses etc. as it was in version 3.4. (We must thank Daniu for his ongoing support of the PFM Tool for that.)
Increased the FotS Land Campaign movement and the Naval Movement for all campaigns. That results to more naval invasions and more action in the campaign map.
Reduced the insanely high cost of FotS buildings to more proper levels. That results to a more challenging CAI that can recruit better units and also there is less "misery" for the human player (not able to do anything for many turns).
White Tigers have a slightly better balance.
Spear Levy have -1 morale for better balance.
Included the widely requested large deployment zones and ambush mod FOTS S2 ROTS of freelancerX as a Boost Option.
Re-updated the Atmoshperic Sounds mod (there were some issues reported).
MD5 Sum: 9d86cdd45a340306bfa1f3fe4a8514f4
SHA1 Sum: d9cd7ac357c4a930ca7d95a3a3ba3291ae431ba1