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Summary: The Arena v1.4.3
Date: 20 Oct 09
Filename: COGS-v1.4.3-setup.exe
Size: 2MB (2,142,504 bytes)
Downloads: 299
Last Download: 5 days ago
More info:

This is the full install file for The Arena v1.4.3.

The Arena has been designed from the ground up with the gamer in mind, featuring an integration of functionality that is not available anywhere else today. The Arena will provide GameArena users with an unparalleled gaming experience, allowing them to more easily play the games they want to play and to participate in the rapidly growing GameArena community.

The Arena will give you full access to ALL GAMEARENA GAME SERVERS!


The Arena v1.4.3

- ADDED: Added simple server friends support. You provide a list of names or wildcard matches, and servers that have friends in them are highlighted with a blue icon instead of green in the server list. Friends are added either via Options->Friends, or right-clicking on a player name in the Server Details module and choosing 'Add Friend'. See the COGS Help file for more information.
- CHANGED: Reworked 'Find random server' logic to make better decisions. Previously, a 'random' server was chosen from the server list by joining the first non-full, non-passworded server (usually the first in the list). Now populated servers are favoured over empty ones, and a random selection is made
- CHANGED: Misc internal content related changes
- CHANGED: Auto-Update changelog screen is now scrollable
- FIXED: Show an error message when the creation of a peer to peer game fails instead of showing no players in the game lobby
- FIXED: Fixed not being able to join a password protected peer to peer game's chat channel
- FIXED: Trivial change to 'Random Connect' dialog to not clip a line of text
- FIXED: Updated the BigPond 'Find out how' link to point to a valid GameArena Url
- FIXED: Fixed an issue where the 'Show Topic' button would not work sometimes after COGS was resized
- FIXED: Corrected "COGS Is Hibernating" message not shown when manual hibernate mode is used and the user returns to COGS
- FIXED: Corrected an issue where when you go to add a new favourite server, a somewhat random/wrong selection is chosen by default in the game drop down list
- FIXED: When returning from hibernation, maximize COGS if it was maximized before hibernation
- FIXED: Fixed an issue where the download of COGS files (such as the internal games list) may become corrupted. A symptom of this problem was missing games in the 'My Games' list
- FIXED: Corrected how COGS handles very large server lists (such as 'Other Servers' in Counter-Strike) that may have made COGS become unresponsive
- FIXED: Fixed 'Play' button in Basic Mode not always finding a server, leaving users in this mode sitting at the 'Please Wait' screen
- FIXED: Fixed a problem under Windows Vista where application settings would not be saved if they were changed during the COGS session and COGS was minimized to the taskbar during a system shutdown
MD5 Sum: edf0840d0c8b93bc46d291f751a8542c
SHA1 Sum: 90cc090053ef2aa3ea9c5873916200455877e9dd